6 Wedding Themes Trending in 2020

A group of friends enjoying cocktails at a rooftop wedding venue.

The year 2020 will be all about big, bold, elaborate weddings and there is no better way to plan one than having a theme to tie it all together. If you’re looking for ideas to get started, here are some wedding themes that are expected to be huge in the upcoming decade.

1. The Roaring ’20s

Large white feathers as decor at a

The ’20s are back—literally—so now is the perfect time to embrace this beloved party theme. Great Gatsby-style nuptials have been popular for several years now and expected to be even more so.

Get the look with an Art Deco venue and lots of sparkles, feathers, and vintage decor. Encourage guests to wear drop-waist dresses, headbands, and pearls. Add some fun by having a prohibition-style cocktail party, ideally in a dimly lit bar with a lounge-like ambiance. A live jazz band doesn’t hurt, either. However, do remember that it is a wedding so incorporate modern details to prevent your special day from turning into a costume party.

2. Urban Glamour

A modern bride and groom kissing outside an old building.

Couples are transforming traditional-style weddings into ultra fancy black tie affairs. Ideal for those with a modern mindset, this theme is best held in an elegant venue such as a mansion or castle, but with contemporary details.

Colors should be bold and rich; jewel tones and velvet fabrics are ideal. Men should don their James Bond tuxes, while women shouldn’t shy away from extra bling. Dramatic smokey eyes and complex up-dos are a bonus. At the reception, have a martini-making station and/or cigar bar. A cocktail party prior to the reception will set the mood for the evening.

3. Cocktails in the City

Another urban-style wedding theme that’s up and coming is in the style of a classy cocktail party. Choose a contemporary venue, such as a hip hotel, ideally one with a rooftop bar. This is a great alternative to the previous theme, for couples who prefer to be more casual. Instead of gowns, encourage guests to wear cocktail dresses. In lieu of a reception, have the entire evening be based on small bites or tapas. You can have a buffet station that people can visit to assure your guests don’t go hungry.

4. Southwestern Chic

A bride and groom at their southwestern wedding surrounded by rocks and palm trees.

Desert settings will be big in 2020, and a great idea for couples looking to have an outdoor affair. Keep in mind, however, that the desert often goes through extreme temperature changes so it’s wise to set up enclosed tent and blankets if you plan to keep partying after dusk. In addition, have plenty of shaded areas so your guests can hide from the sun during the day.

For the main event, look to music festivals for inspiration. You can also incorporate a western theme, like Karlie Kloss and Josh Kushner did for their Wyoming wedding. Colors should be mostly natural, with a pop of your favorite shade to keep things from looking too monotone. This is also a great theme if you want to make your wedding a little more eco-conscious, as the decorations will fit right in.

5. Fairy Tale

A bride with  long veil and romantic dress standing next to her groom in a castle courtyard.

We all need fairy tale happy endings in our lives, so it’s no surprise that couples are making their weddings magical with a little inspiration from their favorite childhood stories. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a prince or princess, this is the theme for you.

Depending on how you envision your special day, there are lots of ways to go about it. Big dresses, cathedral veils, and tiaras are the least of it. For the venue, or at least the photo shoot, look for a forest setting, an ornate historic building, or an actual castle. A couple new trends spotted at weddings are fog machines and smoke bombs, which not only add to the magical atmosphere but make for cool photos.

6. Luxury Boho

An outdoor luxury bohemian lounge at a wedding reception.

Weddings with natural themes will be all the rage in 2020, but couples are putting a sophisticated twist on an otherwise relaxed idea. While the venue may appear naturalistic, the details should be anything but. Choose a garden, barn, or even your own backyard for the venue, but don’t skimp on the decor, food, or other details. Use loads of real flowers for decor and dress, and incorporate rich jewel tone colors to add a regal vibe. Incorporate various textures such as velvet, lace, and macrame for a luxurious effect. For the dress code, encourage some sort of relaxed bohemian vibe, but keep it at least to a cocktail level.

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