6 Wedding Venues You Haven’t Thought of Yet

A bride and groom walking on museum grounds next to a statue.

When researching wedding venues, it can be fatiguing to survey the price sheets. The cost of a venue can take up a large portion of your budget! However, one important thing to consider as you aim for the perfect venue is that there are many large, lovely buildings and spaces that would be happy to rent to your private event. Here are six options for wedding venues that you may not have considered yet, but will make for a memorable wedding ceremony or reception.

1. A Museum

While a more common trend these days than ever before, museums provide interesting things to look at while also being elegant, large spaces for your wedding reception. With space for a dance floor, an area for eating, and a whole gallery of exhibitions to explore, a museum might just be the perfect location for dancing the night away. You’ll also be supporting the educational work that these institutions accomplish every day!

2. An Historic Library

A bride and groom in a library as their wedding venue.

While a public library is typically a very quiet place, there are actually many libraries throughout the country that operate on limited hours during the weekends and could easily accommodate your wedding after they shut the doors in the evening. If you are considering a book or literary theme to the wedding anyway, a gorgeous old library is the best way to have all the decorations sorted out ahead of time! Create a space between the shelves to set up the chairs, hire yourself a nice acoustic guitar player or violinist for some ambient music, and you’ll be set! Best of all, this request is probably not a common one for libraries, which often translates into a much more reasonable fee.

3. Your Favorite Restaurant

While many people think of a restaurant only as an option for the wedding rehearsal dinner (or only for the reception) one way to economize is to rent out a restaurant’s space for the ceremony as well. Not only do you save your guests from having to move from one place to another, but you also have all the food and drink you need right at your fingertips! One of the best ways to get a good deal on such a space is to find a restaurant that isn’t typically open during the hours when you want to have the wedding, such as a breakfas- and lunch-only restaurant. Renting it for the evening is purely revenue for them (no lost income from closing off the restaurant). If you don’t mind the hustle and bustle, there are also many restaurants with private rooms big enough for a small wedding.

4. A Beautiful City Park

A bride and groom kissing in a city park at the wedding.

During times of the year when the weather is warm and dry enough for being outdoors, a city park can be one of the most picturesque options for your wedding. There are often shelters in your city’s parks that are large enough to accommodate dozens of guests while also being reservable for a small fee. If you’re willing to bring your own streamers and tablecloths, you can transform even the most simple park area into a gorgeous spot for a wedding.

5. A Local Brewery

If you and your spouse-to-be share a love of beer, a brewery could be a great space to rent for your wedding! Not only are breweries already operating on limited hours, but they also have enough space to rearrange tables and chairs for both your ceremony and your reception. This option may be suitable for you if you’re having the ceremony elsewere and simply want to let the brewery host the food and drink and dancing portion of the evening.

6. A YMCA or Community Center

If you and your spouse-to-be have a passion for serving your community, what better way to show it than by getting married in a big event room or gymnasium at your local community center? The money paid for the rental will go back to helping kids and families, and you will get to decorate exactly how you want with rooms that are blank canvases. Do be aware that alcohol consumption may be prohibited in some of these spaces, but as long as you talk it over with the center’s director or coordinator first it could work you!

Don’t be afraid to ask the owners or coordinators of any building you find beautiful whether or not they are available for wedding rentals. Your non-traditional wedding venue will have your guests raving and remembering it for years to come!

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