7 Classic Wedding Details that Will Never Go out of Style

A classic-looking bride and groom at their wedding, walking in a park.

It’s no secret that quirky weddings have been showcasing a wide variety of wedding trends that are fun and flashy, but there are plenty of brides who want to maximize the sophistication and minimize everything else. If you are most concerned with your wedding photographs looking classy and fabulous every decade from now on, choose some of the details in your wedding based on the tried-and-true beauty of the traditional wedding ‘look.’ You’ll be glad you did!

1. Bright White Flowers and Greenery

A bride wearing a lace dress and holding a classic bouquet of white orchides and greenery.

There is no color more traditional and classic than white for a wedding;lean into the white theme with your florals. You can accent them against dark and dreamy greenery to add another level of sophistication. Also, remember that less is often more for traditional weddings. You can make a whole room beautiful with just a few well-placed centerpieces, and the bridesmaids’ bouquets can find their way into vases as part of the reception decor.

2. Simple Decorations and White Linens

A wedding reception table set with white linens and greenery.

Try not to make your space too “busy” with decorations and extra details when aiming for the classic look; take advantage of the beauty of your venue and avoid adding lots more to the space. For the same reason, white linen or cotton tablecloths can be the best way to add refinement and class to your big day. You can clearly choose other colors, but neutral palettes tend to come across as more traditional and classic than bolder choices.

3. An Understated White Dress

A bride wearing a classic dress with lace sleeves and a long tulle veil.

While there are wedding dresses of all kinds now, pick something that makes you feel like the bride you’ve seen in old movies or your own mother’s or grandmother’s photo album. Aim for something that makes you comfortable, but also showcases the little old-fashioned elements: a beautiful tulle veil, lace accents, and, of course, a cloud of white fabric.

4. Calligraphy on Invitations and Escort Cards

An escort card at a wedding written in calligraphy.

There are so many new and fun options for invitations, save-the-dates, and escort cards, but if you want a wedding that looks like the glamorous weddings of the past, you’ll find a great calligrapher and opt for that beautiful but simple look. If you want to save some money and have an artsy side, you can still certainly teach yourself the basics of calligraphy and do some of the work yourself, but there is just something about a hand-written invitation and escort card that a printed card simply cannot match.

5. A Classic First Dance Song

A band playing at a wedding reception with a close-up of the guitar player.

If you have a modern song that is especially meaningful to you, by all means use that one in your first dance, but for a classic style, many Frank Sinatra and other crooner tunes make a great option. Jazzy tunes that let you sway and look into each other’s eyes will have the added benefit of being recognizable for all ages of guests, letting everyone get misty-eyed together while you dance. A classic wedding also features plenty of oldies on the DJ’s playlist so that your whole group of guests will feel the urge to join you on the dance floor. If you want to take it even more traditional, hire a combo to play music live!

6. A Simple Wedding Cake and Topper

A classic wedding cake decorated with white roses and greenery.

You may have wide eyes after trying many different kinds of cakes, but usually, bright, smooth white with small decorations like rosettes, pearlescent beads, or simple ribbons will be the most classic look. The interior of the cake can be whatever flavor you like, but the more recognizable vanilla and chocolate flavors might be your best options. If a baker can make a world-class chocolate or vanilla cake, they may be the right fit for you and your classic pursuit, and you’ll reduce the potential allergens of more complex and varied cake flavors.

7. Rice Toss Send-Off in a Classic Car

A bride and groom standing next to a classic black and white car.

Some people choose to skip the rice toss (cleaning it up is sometimes annoying), but if you have a spot where this can be done, it offers a fun and traditional way to leave your wedding. When you do, try to depart in style by borrowing or renting a classic car that will look wonderful as you wave goodbye to your guests and head off into the night.

There are many ways for a wedding to be traditional and classic, but generally remember that less is often more and you can use pictures from past weddings as a guide. Your wedding can be unique to you and still look classic and gorgeous for years to come.

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