7 Delicious Ways to Serve Ice Cream at Your Wedding

An icecream cone filled with flowers to signify a wedding dessert.

There is almost nothing more satisfying on a hot summer day than ice cream—in a cup, a cone, or on a stick, it doesn’t matter because it’s all delicious! So what would be better to cool everyone down during your summer wedding than some ice cream? Here are some great ways to incorporate this delightful treat into your big day.

1. Ice Cream Cake

A unique way to include ice cream into your wedding is to actually request an ice cream cake rather than a traditional one for your reception. They are trickier to find, of course, but there are vendors who create gorgeous ice cream cakes that have a similar look to a standard wedding cake, but are made with ice cream instead! Of course you’ll need to be thoughtful about pre-celebration storage and the timing of your cake cutting, but if you’re an ice cream cake lover, this might be the perfect option for you and your spouse.

2. Served at Cocktail Hour

Someone serving mini icecream cones at a wedding cocktail hour.

Particularly if you have a summer wedding that takes place in the afternoon, cocktail hour is likely going to be the hottest time of the day for your guests. Why not cool them down a bit by offering an ice-cold treat alongside the other passed hors d’oeuvres? A beautiful tray of passable mini cones or small cups of pre-scooped ice cream is the perfect option for your guests. They will likely be pleasantly surprised when servers come around to offer them a bite and, instead of a savory snack, they’re greeted with a sweet mini dessert!

3. Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

For a more casual feel, make your own ice cream sandwiches for the reception! This super easy dessert option can be done with many different pieces—cookies, bite-sized waffles, or any other sweet baked goods that you prefer—filled with your favorite ice cream flavor. Add pizzazz and fun by lining the entire outer edge of ice cream with brightly colored (or wedding color themed!) sprinkles. These can be premade and passed out to your guests, or guests can make their own creations at an ice cream sandwich bar.

4. Ice Cream Truck

A bride and groom holding ice cream cones at their wedding reception.

Another great option if you want to go big is to hire an ice cream truck to come to your wedding reception. You could plan for this to happen during the cocktail hour timeframe as discussed above, or even as a late-night treat for all those guests getting exhausted and out on the dance floor. This is a great way to make sure everyone gets something that suits their tastes, and it makes an adorable photo op, too!

5. Ice Cream Sundae Bar

You’ve heard of candy bars and beverage bars, but what about an ice cream sundae bar? This extremely versatile dessert option is a great choice for ice cream and candy lovers alike. Set up a large table or station in your reception venue and fill it with all of your favorite ice cream toppings. Include anything from sprinkles and syrups to crumbled cookies and candy. This is the perfect choice for a fun-loving couple who wants to let everyone make their own perfect creation. You can have just one or two basic flavor choices for the ice cream base and let everyone go wild with their toppings.

6. Ice Cream Cart

Someone holding a chocolate ice cream heart.

If you’re having a more intimate celebration and an ice cream truck is a little too big to suit your day, consider renting an ice cream cart. These adorable carts will definitely bring a sweet aesthetic to your reception, and are a great way to make sure everyone still gets something they enjoy. You can fill the cart with whatever you or your guests like most, from ice cream cups and popsicles to freeze pops and everything in between. You could even have a “signature treat” option for each member of the happy couple, for a fun and silly take on the more commonly known signature cocktail.

7. Ice Cream in Drinks

And it would be a crime to forget the myriad of ways ice cream can be incorporated into your wedding beverage options! For a super hot day, consider including root beer floats on the drink menu for an awesome surprise and great way for folks who might not drink alcohol to still have a fun drink. Or you could even take it one step further and offer all of your guests milkshakes as either a beverage or a dessert option, depending on your preferences. It might be a little complicated to pull this off, but having someone at your wedding to create and serve milkshakes would be a detail that your friends would not soon forget.

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