7 Floral Moments You Don’t Want to Forget in Your Wedding

A white wedding cake decorated with orange and yellow flowers.

There can be so much to remember as you prepare for your wedding day that sometimes it’s tricky to keep track of everything—particularly for subjects like flowers and floral arrangements which, if you have no previous knowledge about them, can feel especially overwhelming. But it’s important to know going into a consultation with your florist what options are available to you and what elements of floral design you’d like to include in your big day. So here are some basic ideas to check off your list during your conversation. You might want all of these or only a few, but knowing some of the many options out there will help you go into things feeling prepared and ready to make the best choices for your day.

1. Bouquets: Bridal, Bridesmaids, and a Toss Bouquet

A bride and her maid of honor holding romantic floral bouquets.

It’s pretty likely that you’ll want to include a bouquet of some kind in your celebration. Traditional bridal bouquets, which are generally the largest and most ornate in the party, are fairly standard wedding accessories. If your wedding includes bridesmaids, they will also usually hold their own smaller bouquets, as well. But there are a few less obvious things to consider, too. For example, if you plan to do a bouquet toss during your reception, you’ll definitely want to ask your florist for a “toss bouquet,” which is a much smaller (and much less expensive) version of the bridal bouquet that’s specifically meant for being thrown for that portion of the celebration. If you don’t get a toss bouquet, but later decide you want to do it anyway, whatever you do, do NOT throw your bridal bouquet! They are generally the most expensive floral piece in the wedding and you may want to get it preserved for the future, so borrow one from a bridesmaid instead!

2. Boutonnieres for the Men

A groom wearing a blue suit with a white rose boutonniere.

Another traditional floral item in most weddings is the boutonniere. These are generally worn on the lapel of the suits of the groom and groomsmen. These pieces can be made to coordinate seamlessly with the bouquets and are generally pinned right onto the wearer’s garment. But don’t forget the ring bearer! If you have a ring bearer (or two) in your celebration, don’t forget to include them in the floral festivities as well. Generally they will have a miniature version of whatever the rest of the wedding party is wearing, although you can certainly get creative and include something more childlike if you’d prefer, like an action figure or other small toy!

3. Boutonnieres and Corsages for the Parents

It’s very important not to forget the parents of the couple when you’re planning the wedding flowers. Would the mothers want corsages or even small bouquets? Would the fathers want their own boutonnieres? Do not forget to include your parents when you’re having the conversation with your florist. They raised you and your partner and they deserve to be acknowledged in this special way.

4. Ceremony Decor

Chairs at a wedding reception decorated with flowers.

You may also want to incorporate flowers in the actual design aesthetic of your day. Floral pieces lining the aisle are a gorgeous option. If you have an altar in a church, flowers would look beautiful there. You could also have an archway covered in blooms or even a full flower wall if that’s more suited to your tastes. Whatever you choose, it’s important to discuss what you might want to include in your ceremony decor; you might be surprised by the vast possibilities!

5. Decor

A minimal wedding dessert table against a white wall and decorated with flowers.

Don’t forget the potential for flowers to grace your reception as well! Of course, there is the option of traditional floral centerpieces on each dining table, but you could also incorporate floral work all the way down the center of a runner, or even a full-out statement piece such as a floral wall or hanging arrangement in your reception venue as a great spot for guest photo ops. Reception flowers are also a great way to keep the look and feel of your celebration consistent, with the general floral aesthetic from the ceremony being woven seamlessly into the looks for the reception.

6. Flower Girl

While you may choose to give the flower girl her own floral piece such as a small corsage, it’s also important to decide what you want her to actually be using when she walks down the aisle! What type of petals would you like her to have? Would you like something traditional such as rose petals or something a little more unique like lavender buds? Your florist should have some ideas of what will work well with the other themed pieces at the celebration and be able to provide these for you as well.

7. Extras: Flower Crowns, Statement Art, Etc.

A birde wearing a flower crown at her wedding.

The sky really is the limit when it comes to floral pieces at your wedding, so if you have an idea that you know you want to try out, be sure to discuss it with your florist to see what options you truly have. If you know you’d love a floral crown for yourself, your bridal party or your flower girl, bring it up and see what the possibilities are. Or if you’d love a unique piece of floral art as a statement for your ceremony or reception, bring up the idea during your consultation and see what you can come up with together. These extras will have an extra cost, of course, but if you know you want flowers to be a big focus of your wedding decor, don’t hesitate to bring your most creative ideas to the table—you may be truly amazed at the results!

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