7 Interactive Wedding Guest Book Ideas

A sign at a wedding that says "Please sign our guest book."

There is often a little bit of downtime at the very beginning of a wedding reception. Brides and grooms take a few minutes to get some pictures taken, but a lot of the guests end up at the cocktail hour before the bridal party. There are many ways to entertain your guests (those drinks, for starters, tend to help!), but one lovely way to get them involved is to use your guestbook to engage them. Here are some fun ways to make your guestbook unforgettable while also providing some entertainment for your wedding guests.

1. Unconventional Signature Items

One way that guests can contribute to your future home together is to sign something that represents your interests. If you’re a couple who loves reading or words, use a giant dictionary as a guestbook, knowing that you’ll find messages for years to come from well-wishing friends as you look up words. If you love to travel, have guests sign a globe that can be displayed in your home. Maps, suitcases, and wooden plaques also work well for this kind of signature item.

2. Thumbprint Drawings

A guest book picture at a wedding using thumbprints on a tree.

If you know you have a few silly folks in your midst, why not let them make you a little thumbprint drawing to make you smile? Place a stamp pad, small pieces of card paper, and some wet wipes at a station. Each person makes a thumbprint from the ink, wipes off their thumb while it dries, and then uses a permanent marker to make a little cartoon creature out of the thumbprint. Make a few samples ahead of time so that your guests will quickly get the hang of the fun. This is especially helpful for keeping children who are attending your wedding entertained.

3. Question Pages on Guest Tables

If people at your wedding wont all know everyone at their tables, you can combine conversation starters with guest book pages! Get a guestbook with plastic sleeves around the pages so you can pull each page out and put it on a different table. At the top of each page, write a fun conversation starter like “Give us your best marriage advice” or “Where should we definitely travel to?” so that the folks at each table will pass it around, chatting and adding their own ideas to the table’s page. You can have a bridesmaid periodically move the papers to different tables to get even more answers.

4. 3×5 Cards for Each Family to Write On

An easy way to create a nice guest book is to allow each family a 3×5 card to decorate and fill with messages. Place these at a station where pint-sized guests may want to make more than one picture for you!

5. Polaroid Photobooth

A collection of photo booth photos at a wedding reception as a guest book.

A lot of people love the nostalgia and fun of instant-developing film, so get a Polaroid camera and set up a little photo station! Make a sign showing that the Polaroids are meant to be the replacement for a guest book—otherwise, most people may walk off with their own photos! (Include extra film if you want your guests to have a copy for themselves.)

6. Group Art Project

If you and your spouse-to-be love art, why not get your guests to help you make a memorable art project? Some people design posters that will look wonderful when each family member adds a signature, while others have guests write their names on wooden hearts that are then deposited in a clear shadowbox. One creative idea is to collect antique keys that can be hung on a plaque reading, “The Keys to Success.” Tie note cards to each key so that wedding guests can write advice for a successful marriage.

7. Popsicle Stick Date Ideas

One fun interactive guestbook project is to have large Popsicle sticks and pens available for people to write out creative date ideas for you and your new spouse. All the sticks go in a jar for you to pull out the next time you are at a loss for a date idea.
No matter which direction you go, make sure that your interactive guestbook brings your guests together and leaves you with a lovely memento to remember your special day.
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