7 Things to Avoid When Wedding Planning (According to a Pro Event Planner)

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You are now engaged! Congratulations! What’s next? Do I pick the date? Do I book the venue? Do I make my guest list? What about the wedding colors? What day will we get married? Do I hire a planner? On the other hand, do I let Cousin Marsha plan it all? O-M-G!! This is too much to think about…… Before you start driving yourself crazy let me give some mistakes commonly made during the wedding planning process to avoid.

1. Not Hiring a Wedding Planner or Day-of Coordinator

A wedding planner can hold you accountable, negotiate on your behalf with vendors, review contracts, and in general handle all aspects of the wedding process for you. Some brides are naturally great planners and may decide to do the planning themselves. That is totally fine, however, I suggest at least hiring a day-of coordinator to handle all the plans and scheduling on the day of the wedding. This will keep you from worrying about small details and you’ll be able to fully focus on getting married and, most importantly, enjoy your day.

2. Making Plans Before Setting a Budget

If you do not hear anything else I say please listen to this advice…take the time, sit down, and have a discussion with all parties involved with contributing to the budget. Having a money management conversation with your soon to be spouse will bless your life. It will let you both know what is most important to you both and will help you be realistic about your options. Defining a budget will let you know what venue will work for you, what kind of floral designs to select, if you can have a band or a DJ and overall set expectations for your big day.

3. Booking a Venue Before Defining a Guest List

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This one coincides with the previous one, on setting a budget. Sit down with your parents and ask them for their guest count because trust me they will have an expected list. Defining the guest list will let you know what type of venue you need to start looking for to match the amount of guests you plan to invite. All venues have a max head count they can fit comfortably, so you want to make sure you do not have a venue that will have more space than guests or a space that your guest will feel uncomfortable in because there is not enough room. The guest count will also be detrimental to how much you will spend on food. Food is commonly priced per guest so it is imperative you have a number in mind to plan accordingly. Which leads to my next point.

4. Not Feeding Your Vendors

Please make sure you include your vendors into your guest count for food. Most vendors have it in their contract already (I know I do ????). Vendors like your DJ/band, planner, photographer, and videographer are at your event working for 8+ hours at the minimum. You want them to be fully energized and working at their best potential so it is good to feed them. Just talk to your caterer about including the vendor meals.

5. Not Hiring a Videographer

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Yes, you will have beautiful pictures to look at for the remainder of your life but imagine being able to have a video to experience one of the most important days in your life every time you press play. Getting to see and hear you and your spouse’s voice from before the ceremony until the moment you leave the reception. A recap of the music being played, songs sung, vows exchanged, the big kiss, the first dance, the bridesmaid getting loosed on the dance floor. A beautiful recap of the whole day is something that you, your spouse, family and friends can always have to remember your special day.

6. Trying to Please Everyone

There are going to be so many people trying to give you advice, or telling you how they did it, and how you should do it. Stay true to yourself! Do what you and your fiancé want to do, this is YOUR day! It will make you feel so much better when you look back at your wedding and know your day came out exactly how you and your fiancé wanted. It can become a little tricky at times when you have other people contributing to your day, but if they love you and want you to have a special day, they will understand.

7. Not Showing Your Personalities

Don’t forget to incorporate a piece of your own personality into your wedding. Adding a unique flair that can reflect both of your lives is important. You don’t have to follow tradition you make your own tradition. You can be different. If you want the menu to be breakfast food at dinner because you two love breakfast, then do that. If you don’t like cake but prefer pies, you don’t have to cut a cake have a pie bar. Or who says you must have one big cake, if you want, set out mini cupcakes as a favor/dessert for each individual on their plate do it. Just don’t forget to insert a little of your personality into your big day.

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