7 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Wedding Venue

An outdoor wedding reception underneath and tree and string lights.

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your wedding, then you might want to start at your wedding venue. Without a doubt, your wedding venue is most likely going to be a big expense for your big day. Some stats say that your wedding venue will end up being a quarter of your wedding budget, if not more. So if you’re looking to cut costs, you should definitely start there. We have a few suggestions to help you out!

1. Host the Ceremony and Reception in the Same Space

As the saying goes, kill two birds with one stone by having your ceremony and reception in the same location. Look for a venue that can do both! Choosing one venue for both the ceremony and reception will not only save you money, but it will also make it easier on yourself and your guests by eliminating the need to travel from one location to the other. To keep the feel of two different venues for each event, search for places that have both an indoor and outdoor space so you can designate one for the ceremony and one for the reception

2. Cut Down on the Number of Guests

A wedding ceremony set up in a grassy field with trees in the background.

It might go without saying, but it’s worth mentioning. Cutting the guest list will immediately cut costs. It’s logistics, really. The less guests you invite, the smaller the venue can be, and therefore the cost will be less than if you were to splurge on a bigger location to accommodate everyone.

3. Get Married in the Morning or Evening

The timing of your wedding day celebration is also significant when it comes to cutting costs. Hosting a wedding in the morning or in the evening as opposed to the ever-popular afternoon is a great way to save some money, since the venue will likely charge you less to fill the time when they otherwise wouldn’t have an event. The same goes for hosting your wedding during the week and not on a Friday or Saturday. If you can get creative with your timing, it can save you big bucks!

4. Get Married During the Off-Season

A bride and groom walking outside in the snow at a historic wedding venue.

Most venues don’t charge as much during the wedding off-season. Peak season tends to be between May and October, so if don’t mind having a wedding in the winter or early spring, then you might get the venue of your dreams for a steal of a price! (An added perk: your friends and family won’t have “wedding fatigue” since yours will probably be the first wedding on their list during the beginning or end of the year.)

5. Take Advantage of All-Inclusive Packages

Some wedding venues offer all-inclusive packages including catering, decor, sound, and lighting that typically are lower cost than if you were to pay each separately. This option will also save you time searching for various vendors!

6. Choose a Venue that Doesn’t Need a Lot of Decoration

A bride and groom in an greenhouse with tropical plants.

It’s easy to go overboard with the decor at your wedding ceremony and reception, and it can quickly add up! A way to get around this extra cost is to choose a venue that’s already to your taste and beautiful. Some options may include a lush garden, a museum, or a historical location (that may not allow much decor, anyway!). With this thought in mind, you may want to steer clear of empty banquet rooms, lofts, or rustic barns that may look shabby and drab without extensive decor. The idea is to find a place that doesn’t need a lot to make it look nice—which will leave you more room in your budget!

7. Use the Venue’s Resources

If the venue doesn’t offer an all-inclusive package, then it might have other resources that you could save money on. For example, the venue might have a restaurant and most likely offer a discount on the menu and alcohol as well as the use of its staff. Or, maybe it has a sound system that you could hook up to your own music source, which will save you money on a band or DJ. They may offer table and chair rentals that you can take advantage or, or offer a clean-up crew at the end of the night. Don’t be afraid to ask what amenities can be available to you for free or at a discount!

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