7 Ways to Prep Your Home for a Wedding

A bride and groom sharing their first dance at a backyard wedding.

Some of the most beautiful and affordable weddings happen at someone’s home. An everyday backyard can be easily turned into a gorgeous outdoor setting while the inside of a house can be turned into a warm, sparkling place for a wedding—if you prep the right way. We’ve got some great tips to ensure your at-home wedding paints the perfect picture of your dreams.

1. Clean the House and Yard from Top to Bottom

This should be a no-brainer, but cleaning the space is the first step. Make sure the backyard and house are spotless. Treat the house as if you’re hosting the Royal Family, cleaning every crevice and making surfaces shine. The inside is easily done with organization and cleaning products, but the outside is a bit tougher to manage. The yard should be mowed a day before so the grass has time to settle. Use a leaf blower to ensure all of the random debris is out of the way. Do spot landscaping, making sure to trim any bushes, rogue tree limbs or dead flowers. There’s no doubt wind will probably blow pieces into your yard on the actual day of the wedding, so do a last-minute spot check a few hours before the big event.

2. Stock the Bathrooms

Bathrooms will be in high demand during the wedding festivities. Make sure they’re stocked with nice hand towels and soap. Have extra toilet paper in a place where guests easily find it. The last thing you want is to run out of toilet paper at a big event. The bathrooms should sparkle and smell nice for guests. Think of walking into a fancy country club bathroom where it’s all about a fresh smell, puffy towels, and a tidy look. The trash can should have a lid if possible to hide the look of random debris that people would throw in a bathroom trash can. Place a nice can of air freshener in each bathroom as well to ensure each smells nice throughout the night.

3. Make Sure the Kitchen Has Enough Storage and Prep Space

A table setting for a backyard wedding reception.

The kitchen will be utilized for many things, so make sure it’s ready to take on the wedding insanity. If there is a catering staff or catered food, make sure there is enough space for everything and everyone to set up. If you have an everyday refrigerator, you may want to get an extra fridge to hold additional food and drink needed for the wedding. Think about what’s already in your fridge, plus the things that will be needed for the wedding. If you need more oven space or counter space, you may need to bring in other equipment or tables. Ice will probably be in full demand for different things, so make sure the freezer is stocked and even have coolers on standby if needed.

4. Protect Fragile Objects in the Home

Think of a river of people flowing through your house trying not to knock into anything. Make sure fragile objects are put up and away so they don’t get harmed. If you have special family heirlooms on display, think about putting them away. The more things you have sitting around, the greater chance things can get easily knocked over and broken.

5. Don’t Forget About Accommodations for Music

One thing you may not think about much is the music. You need an adequate sound system so the music is loud, but not too loud. Remember, you aren’t hosting a wild party. You want the music to be easily heard throughout the area of the wedding, but not so loud that it’ll knock people down with the bass. If you have a DJ, speak with them about the accommodations they need to adequately play the music you want. They may need to set up in an area near electrical outlets, so make sure those are in working order.

6. Have a Back-Up Plan for Weather

A white wedding tent in a lush green backyard.

Always have a back-up plan. It may be April, but rain and snow could suddenly blow in, causing the entire outdoor wedding plans to crumble. All you need is a simple indoor back-up plan where you would move everyone inside the house or have a tent to use instead. The last thing you want is to have everyone standing in the rain. Talk with all of the wedding vendors so everyone is on the same page, just in case everything needs to be moved inside.

7. Check Your Home Owners Insurance Policy

You may think nobody will get harmed during your wedding and, if it did, that no one would take any legal action. This is probably true, but you just never know if someone was injured on your property how they would handle it in the end. You also never know what damage could happen to your property. Speak with your insurance provider to ensure you are covered in all aspects just in case the worst was to happen. Inform the insurance provider if alcohol is being served at the wedding, as well. If someone was to leave the wedding and have an accident, you could actually be at fault. Your provider should be able to help you with all of these “what ifs.”

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