8 Beautiful Spring Wedding Locations

A bride and groom kissing at their spring wedding in a California vineyard.

Spring can be such a lovely time to get married; flowers are in bloom and everything is getting just a little warmer, creating more temperate days than in other seasons. If you have a wedding destination in mind, spring will probably be beautiful there—but these areas listed below are also known for their wedding potential in the spring.

1. California Wine Country

Wineries are picturesque backdrops for weddings, and any vineyard in Southern, Central, or Northern California will provide a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony and reception (not to mention fantastic weather!). Your guests will be excited to celebrate with some locally-produced wine, too!

2. Savannah, Georgia

A street in Savannah, Georgia, with moss-covered oak trees and pink azalea bushes.

Savannah is known for its beautiful squares and live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. A spring wedding in Savannah, Georgia, will also feature other plant life like palmetto and magnolia trees, as well as tons of azaleas, which typically start blooming in March. They’ll make your wedding truly one to remember.

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

What’s not to love about an island paradise? The perpetual good weather of the Hawaiian islands is even more mild in the spring in Honolulu, and with tropical flowers, blue waters, and bright white sand beaches, you can’t do much better when it comes to destination weddings in the spring.

4. Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. in the spring with cherry blossoms.

While D.C. is the political hub of the United States, the cherry trees greet spring every year at the National Cherry Blossom Festival, showering the city in pink petals. If you can book a spot in Washington D.C. during the weeks of the blossoms’ arrival, you will have a truly memorable wedding that celebrates spring to the fullest.

5. Dallas, Texas

Not your typical destination wedding location, Dallas is nonetheless a beautiful setting with the classic Texas big sky. The weather in early spring can allow you to book a wedding a little earlier in the year and still get that characteristic spring breeze. Consider the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden for your wedding, which features half a million tulips!

6. Holland, Michigan

The Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan.

Holland, Michigan, is a picturesque college town during all seasons, but it gets even more beautiful during the Tulip Time Festival! Find a venue that will let you take gorgeous pictures among the brightly colored flowers. What makes this destination even more appealing for a spring wedding is its ease of access to those in the Midwest.

What if you aren’t able to travel to these beautiful locales for your spring wedding? Luckily, within an hour or two of many locations in the states, you can find one of the following two options.

7. A Local Botanical Garden

Do some research about local botanical gardens, arboretums, and conservatories. In areas where spring is chilly more often than not, it may be wise to hedge your bets with a greenhouse or conservatory that has enough indoor space to seat your wedding guests. Many of these locations can provide either a rental space or a much more involved wedding venue experience, with coordination and catering services.

Taking a walk of the gardens with the wedding coordinator can help you to find a spot that, in a few months, will be the most beautiful spring scene you can imagine. Just make sure that if you rent a wedding venue with no indoor space, you have a tent or other plan in the case of those April showers! Ask your contact if there is a way to rent a room in a building nearby, or what other weddings have done as a rain plan in the past.

8. A Museum with a Great Lawn

A bride and groom embracing in front of a historical building with a green lawn.

In nearly every city, there are beautiful buildings in the form of museums hosting treasures from art to natural history. Often, these locations are happy to close for special events or to reserve some after-hours time for your wedding reception. If the museum has any outdoor grounds at all, you can usually figure out a way to hold an outdoor ceremony with a natural backdrop of trees or flowers; landscaping around museums is meant to accentuate their grandeur, after all. When considering your wedding venue, analyze if there is a museum you find exceptionally beautiful or that holds personal significance for you and your spouse-to-be.

Your spring wedding should be all about the excitement of new growth and new adventure, just like the world is when it’s waking up from winter. Any of these locations will provide a beautiful backdrop for such a journey.

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