8 Bookish Wedding Details

A heart shape made from the pages of an antique book.

Brides and grooms should always try to incorporate their own personal flair into their wedding day. After all, it’s a day all about them! One way to add in these touches is to capitalize on shared interests between the couple and weave them into the day. If the bride and groom both happen to love books and reading, here are eight ways to make the wedding literary and a bookworm’s dream.

1. A Ceremony or Reception in a Library

A bride and groom in library next to an old card catalog.

Perhaps nothing could be more bookish than getting married in an actual library. This has been done in TV shows and movies, and it’s certainly possible to do in real life! If you’re a true bookworm, there’s no doubt that you couldn’t think of anywhere more special to tie the knot than somewhere that allows you to be absolutely surrounded by books.

2. A Ceremony Arch of Books

Instead of going the traditional route with your ceremony decor, use books to make your “I do’s” both picturesque and fitting to your interests. Create an arch out of books rather than flowers to stand beneath as you exchange vows. Not only is this a meaningful gesture for bookworms, but it’s also unique and can even save you some money if you make it yourself. You can easily find cheap and beautiful books at estate sales and used book stores.

3. Stationery Details

Wedding stationery can easily be tailored to strike the fancy of bookworms. From the save the dates to the table numbers, bookworms can be easily appeased with all things paper. Consider making your save the dates look like a library card or your table numbers look like different numbered volumes of a book, titled adoringly with the couples names. Wedding programs can also show your love of books, as they can be made to look like an actual book! These are cute ways to add in bookish touches that can serve as keepsakes from your big day.

4. Readings or Quotes from Literature

A small sign at a wedding reception with a quote from

Instead of having a traditional reading at your marriage ceremony, incorporate your love of literature into the process by including a passage from a favorite book or two. There are so many beautiful quotes about love and marriage from great love stories, so you have a wealth of options to choose from. You can also add quotes from literature to your day in other ways: consider getting custom cocktail napkins made with quotes on them or painting a sign with a quote on it to use as decor, which can be displayed in your home after the celebration!

5. Chapter Seating Chart

Instead of having a basic seating chart to alert guests of their table numbers at your reception, list names under “chapters” to play homage to your love of books. Each chapter represents a separate table, with listed names of those sitting at each table under the chapter title.

6. An Actual Guest “Book”

Use a real book rather than a traditional guest book for guests to sign at your wedding reception. Take a worn copy of one or your favorite books and glue down cardstock onto some of the pages for guests to sign. Or you could have a guest book made that looks like a real book. Either way, this memento will look great on your bookshelf after your wedding day is over.

7. Books in Reception Centerpieces

A wedding reception centerpiece of antique books and candles.

Incorporate books into your reception table decorations. Pairing some of your favorite reads with candles, plants, or flowers will look elegant, encompasses your love of reading—and can replace costly traditional centerpieces.

8. Bookmark Favors

A fun wedding favor option for a book-loving couple to give are custom bookmarks. These can feature a photo, art work, or a famous quote about love or marriage from literature.
Incorporating a love of books and reading into your wedding is easier than you may think, and using these ideas provides a creative and tasteful way to demonstrate this passion on your big day.
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