8 Nonconventional Venue Spaces for an Amazing Wedding

Outdoor wedding reception table with burlap table cloth

In this modern age of weddings, couples are getting pretty creative about everything from the officiant to the flowers—and they’re definitely ditching the idea that you have to get married in a traditional ceremony space like a church or a hotel ballroom.

If you’re anything but the average couple, you might want to check out one of these eight nonconventional venue spaces—ranging from aquariums to breweries to pumpkin patches—that will truly wow your guests.

Large aquarium with people watching sharks and fish

An Aquarium

You may not be a mermaid, but you can pretend to be at your aquarium wedding. If you and your partner have an affinity for sea creatures (or maybe if you had your first date at your local aquarium), an aquarium may be the perfect place to tie the knot. What could be cuter than saying your vows among the sea otters and fish swirling about in their tank?

The best part? Your guests get free access to the exhibits while you take your wedding photos.

A wedding reception in an old building

A Warehouse

There’s something romantic about the idea of sneaking off and getting married in an old abandoned warehouse. While it may not be safe to have your ceremony in an abandoned warehouse, there may be some restored warehouses in your city that would make a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony. The brick walls, exposed beams, and industrial feel of the space would also look unbelievable in your wedding photos.

Bride and groom holding a plant and a pumpkin

A Pumpkin Patch

For those true fall lovers out there, a pumpkin patch wedding might be the offbeat wedding venue of your autumn dreams. In fact, you could make your whole wedding a pumpkin theme: pumpkins as decor, pumpkin spice cocktails, pumpkins in your bouquet, and maybe even a pumpkin spice wedding cake.

Bride and groom in a large, old library

A Historic Library

There’s probably not a more romantic space than a building that houses all of the great love stories. From The Great Gatsby to Romeo and Juliet to Pride and Prejudice, these stories have taught us how love can make anything possible (and they’ve also maybe taught us about what not to do in a relationship). Getting married amongst all of these stories in an old historic library would make for an unforgettable and quirky wedding ceremony space.

Really get into the literary spirit by having a few speakers read passages from your favorite love stories at your wedding or by incorporating old book pages into your wedding bouquet.

Two grooms in front of a movie clacker

An Old Movie Theater

Do you and your future spouse love the cinema? If a movie is always your go-to date and if your house is party central for the Oscar ceremony, then maybe you should consider getting married in an old movie theater.

A classic movie theater will make the perfect ceremony space for an old-school Hollywood glamour wedding. Literally roll out the red carpet for your wedding guests and treat them to traditional movie treats like popcorn and Milk Duds after the “I Do’s” have been said.

The exterior of an antique store

An Antique Store

Is your apartment filled with treasures from weekends perusing the antique malls? Do you prefer everything old to anything new? An antique store wedding could be perfect for you and your future spouse.

If you were thinking about hauling in a bunch of vintage, old world finds to your venue anyway, you might as well get married where all of those quirky, one-of-a-kind items already live.

A bride an groom kiss while holding a bouquet and soccer ball

A Stadium

You wouldn’t call you and your partner just a couple of “season ticket holders”—you might instead say that the two of you are a bit obsessed with your hometown team. Why not just get married at the place where all of the action happens? Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, or hockey, what could be better than saying your vows where you’ve spent hours cheering on your team?

Incorporate your team’s favorite colors in your wedding, and maybe even encourage all of your wedding guests to do a special wedding version of the wave.

An old brewery

A Brewery

Could you and your partner ace a blind taste test and know the difference between a stout and a porter? A brewery wedding could be the perfect way to toast to a new marriage. And with so many microbreweries popping up all over the country, it’s likely that your city has a few options for you to choose from.

Breweries are typically large enough to house at least 100 people and a big bonus—they already have a liquor license. At your brewery wedding, treat your guests to every brew on the menu with a complimentary taste testing and have the brewers give them a tour of the facilities to explain how they make the beer.

And it wouldn’t be a true beer lover’s wedding without a few yard games like cornhole, shuffleboard, or darts, which could be played indoors or out, depending on the facility.

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