8 Plant-Related Wedding Favors

A grouping of glass terrariums as wedding favors.

A plant is a great thing to send guests home with from a wedding. Most people are happy to have plants in their homes, and it’s a perfect way to remember an evening spent celebrating! For you as the bride or groom, plants as wedding favors are also great because they can double as decorations for your party, so you’re nailing two birds with one stone! We also recommend having a small side table available, where guests who’d prefer not to bring a plant home can leave them for those who do want to, or who aren’t traveling far.


You can distribute the plants at your wedding party in a few different ways, and you should choose the one that seems the most natural and that goes with the flow of the event. Some people like having a succulent at each setting, or potted herbs all together as a table centerpiece. Others prefer having a table where all the plants are placed, with a sign instructing guests to take one home as their favor.

1. Terrariums

Glass terrariums are a gorgeous way to showcase the little plants you put inside them. They aren’t the cheapest way to give out plants at your wedding, but we love how they look, and they fit in well with most wedding decor schemes. This may be the perfect wedding favor if you don’t have a large guest list.

2. Succulents

A small succulent on plates at a wedding table setting.

You just can’t go wrong with potted succulents on your table. They’re the puppies of the plant world; who doesn’t love a good succulent? You can put them in reclaimed wood boxes, tin rounds, copper mugs, concrete planters, white ceramic planters, and any other container you have a hankering for. Just remind your guests not to over-water them, as this is a common issue people unfamiliar with succulents run into!

3. Herbs

Who doesn’t love fresh herbs? Pick out a few that will remind guests of your meal, or simply a few of your favorites, and let guests choose from the selection. Just make sure you don’t set them in the sun if it’s an outdoor wedding, so that they don’t shrivel up in the heat while you’re reciting your vows.

4. Seedlings

A hand holding a tree seedling that's a wedding favor.

Plant seedlings of herbs, flowers, or trees in small containers so that your wedding guests can take one home and plant it in their own garden. Basil, mint, cilantro, and parsley are a few of our top picks. Lavender plants are also fun. We’ve even seen people stick little decorations into the containers, like a special quartz rock they picked up on a camping trip, tiny mushrooms, or something else matching the theme or color scheme of the wedding.

5. Pine Trees

Giving out a baby pine tree in a burlap satchel is becoming increasingly popular, especially for winter weddings. You can attach small, attractive parchment paper tags to them, with some simple care instructions on them.

6. Daffodil Bulbs

An aerial view of daffodil bulbs blooming in a pot.

Daffodils look especially beautiful right before they start to flower. You can order daffodil and other flower bulbs online in wooden boxes from a variety of vendors. They make a satisfying gift, since guests will have to wait it out for the flowers to bloom.

7. Ferns

Ferns are a lot of fun, and look great in those natural fiber containers that break down once you plant them. They give a dinosaur-paradise vibe to your wedding if you put them all around the room. Once the festivities die down, gather them together, put a sign out, and have guests bring one home.

8. Wildflower Seeds

A wood tray with seed packets as wedding favors.

Wildflower seeds make popular wedding favors. Decorate the packets with a thank you message and/or some instructions for planting the seeds. Guests can easily sow wildflower seeds, forget about them, and then remember your wedding when the blooms pop up!

These are just a few ideas for eco-friendly, plant-related wedding favors you can give your wedding guests. They won’t break the bank, and they add a great atmosphere to your party if you also use them as decor. Plus, they’re practical! While plants can be a little more involved than more traditional wedding favors, they’re a simple, elegant, and fun item for guests to take home.

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