8 Summer Wedding Floral Color Ideas

A summer wedding bouquet of pastel flowers in purple and peach colors.

Flowers are a big part of the aesthetic of any wedding, and brides typically put a lot of thought into how they want this part of their big day to look. When you get married in the summer, it’s especially fun to get caught up in potential color schemes since there’s so much to choose from during the season. We’re delving into a few fun color possibilities below so you can consider all of your options before walking down the aisle with your perfect summer bouqet.

1. Pretty Pastels

Pastels are a color palette that goes hand-in-hand with the summer months. These gentle shades may look more muted than others, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’ll go unnoticed. Light pinks, blues, and pale purples paired with white flowers makes for an endlessly romantic aesthetic.

2. Bold Colors Only

A bride holding a bouqet with bold colors including bright pinks, blues, and yellows.

Forget anything muted and light; the sunny season of summer goes hand-in-hand with bright pops of color that stand out. From oranges to reds, purples, pinks, and greens, don’t be afraid to let your flowers speak for themselves in bright hues that can’t be ignored. Pairing these all together creates a beautiful aesthetic that truly personifies the spirit of summer, making your wedding a warm weather affair through and through.

3. A Three-Color Palette

If you’re looking to keep your floral color palette simple, a great way to achieve this is to stick with three colors. One can be the greenery of the stems and leaves on the flowers, and another should be white, which is a staple in any bridal bouquet. The last color can be something bright like yellow or orange, which really provides a pop of color to coincide with the sunniness of the season.

4. Yellows, Pinks, White, and Greenery

A summer bouquet of yellow and pink flowers.

One of the best things about getting married in the summer is that you can freely use bright colors within the aesthetic of your day. This certainly doesn’t exclude flowers. Try an unexpected combination of different shades of yellow, orange, pink, white, and greenery. Although it might not sound like something that would look cohesive, these colors come together beautifully and are the perfect complement to a sunny wedding day and a blushing bride.

5. Shades of Pink

From blush to peach and fuchsia blooms, there’s a lot of ways to play with the color pink in your wedding bouquet. This makes for beautiful bouquets and centerpieces that incorporate many different species of flowers while keeping the color palette consistent. Another way to take advantage of a pink color palette is to create an ombré effect in the bouquets and floral decor. Starting with the palest pink and building to bright fuchsia, this is an eye-catching color scheme that certainly makes a statement.

6. Whites and Greenery

A bride holding a bouquet with white flowers accented with greenery.

White is a classic color when it comes to weddings, and when you pair crisp white flowers with bold greenery, it’s a match made in heaven. This looks beautiful against the backdrop of a sunny summer day and also goes well with beach and outdoor weddings. Although an all-white color palette may seem too simple, it doesn’t need to be! There are many ways to add variety to this look, including different shapes of flowers and the addition of various shades of greenery. The colors of the summer season itself are sometimes enough to give your wedding the beauty you’re seeking, with nature and the great outdoors speaking for itself! For that reason, you don’t need a crazy color palette to enhance the beauty of your wedding day.

7. Pinks and Purples

Shades of pink and purple are a feminine way to embrace the lightness of the summer season, but if you put them together you get something bright, bold, and beautiful. These arrangements can include a mix of big blooms, like peonies and hydrangeas, as well as smaller flowers such as roses and sweet pea. In arrangements of these colors, you need not incorporate too much greenery—these flowers speak for themselves!

8. Blues and Whites

A bride holding a large blue and white bouquet.

For a nautical wedding, you can’t go wrong with blue and white flowers. Try leaning on the big blossoms provided by hydrangeas or other garden variety flowers to create simple bouquets and centerpieces that will make a statement while still remaining understated and perfect for the season.

Choosing your wedding flower color scheme can be tricky, but these palettes all pair perfectly with the summer season, which helps you to take advantage of such a beautiful time of year.

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