8 Wedding Gifts a Long-Time Couple Will Enjoy

A small wedding gift against a pink background with confetti for a couple that's been together a long time.

These days, many couples that are getting married have already lived together or been together for a substantial amount of time. If this means that each of them has furnished their own home, they most likely aren’t in need of many traditional wedding registry gifts. If anything, they may already have two salad spinners, a closet full of sheets and towels, and more than enough dishes. Are you wondering what wedding gift to give the long-time couple that has everything? Here are some options.

1. Experience Gift Cards

A couple on an elephant ride that was given as an alternative wedding gift for their honeymoon.

One of the most versatile options is to get them a gift card that allows them to have a “date night” of some kind, or that contributes to an upcoming trip or their honeymoon. Many couples will choose more modest experiences for themselves (they may have just paid for a wedding, after all!), so a nice option is an experience that gives them permission to unwind and enjoy themselves.

2. Subscription Boxes Related to Their Interests

These days, there are subscription boxes for everything from home cooked meals and gourmet coffee to different kinds of socks. Consider getting this couple the gift of fun packages in the mail, tailored to something they enjoy and can always use. Coffee boxes, of which there are quite a few, are popular, and if tea or fancy liquor is more their style, those exist too!

3. Beautiful Potted Plants or Trees

A houseplant given as a wedding gift to a couple that's been together for a long time.

If the couple won’t have to transport your gift very far, a tree to plant in their new yard or a potted plant for their apartment windowsill is a beautiful gift. Not only will it naturally purify the air in their home, but it will serve as a beautiful testament to the idea that love grows over time. (Make sure, however, that you choose something without an overpowering scent or a common allergy.)

4. A Curated Collection of Books or Films

For the bibliophiles or film geeks in your life, it can be really fun to create a present that’s essentially a “recommendations list,” but with the actual items. Raid the cheap movie bin at a local big-box store, or head over to your favorite used bookstore and choose a bunch of your favorites to package up for your friend. Extra points if you write a special note to go with each film or book to explain why they made you think of your friend and why you think they’d like them.

5. New Board Games

A board game with someone throwing dice onto it.

New board games are invented all the time, so if you look at the latest fad board games, you’re likely to find one or two that your friends don’t have. Board games make for an inexpensive (or free!) way to have a “date night” at home with a new spouse and often encourages problem-solving, so they make an adorable gift that keeps giving every time they choose to play.

6. The Latest Kitchen Gadget

Similarly to new board games, new kitchen gadgets are always being released. Even if your friends have a well-stocked kitchen, an excellent new paring knife or a time-saving mini food processor rarely will be unloved. Even people who don’t enjoy cooking will occasionally have to use these items, and the chefs of your life will be grateful to have received a time-saving or beautiful item for their kitchen. One item that tends to be popular is a beautiful cutting board or cheese board; even if they already have one, they won’t mind having another with their monogram or last name on it for big parties.

7. A Beautiful Rug, Bath Mat, or Welcome Mat

A couple standing in front of a welcome mat that says

If you know the general aesthetic that your friends have in their home, picking out a nice throw rug or welcome mat can be a great idea. After all, if they don’t use it immediately, they will eventually when their older rugs become worn and faded. If you aren’t sure, a bath mat in a neutral tone is a great option, too. They also wear out, and having an extra one on hand will be practical and beautiful.

8. Commissioned Artwork or Photography

Find a website or a local arts school where you can purchase original artwork or photography printed on canvas for a reasonable rate. Most unknown artists offer very reasonable rates and you can give a general parameter for the kind of art you are looking for, such as a cityscape of where they live. You help support a local artist, while giving your loved ones home decor that has a story. Win-win!

Whether you choose a more traditional wedding registry gift or an out-of-the-box option for your newlywed friends, giving a gift at a wedding expresses your love and affection to the happy couple. While not compulsory, it’s fairly easy to give a beautiful and meaningful gift at a variety of price points, all while expressing your joy in their union.

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