8 Wedding Traditions You Can Still Keep at a City Hall Wedding

A bride and groom running across a crosswalk after their city hall wedding.

Like many millennials, you and your betrothed have decided to get married at city hall. Congratulations! While getting hitched at your local courthouse is meant to be a simple and intimate, if not modern, affair, it doesn’t mean you have to buck all wedding traditions. After all, just because you’ve chosen not to have a huge celebration doesn’t mean you can’t get to keep some of the sweet and romantic things about saying “I do.” Here are eight wedding traditions you can still have at a city hall wedding.

1. Get Your Hair and Makeup Done

Chances are you’re saving a bit of cash by getting married at city hall, so arranging your budget to accommodate professional hair and makeup services is probably do-able. If you don’t want to shell out the cash for it, consider having a talented friend or family member do the honors. Getting your hair and makeup done decreases any anxiety you might have about looking good for the big event, but also helps you feel like a million bucks—not to mention you’ll look flawless in any photos.

2. Hire a Pro Photographer

A photographer taking a photo of a bride and groom wearing casual clothes.

Hiring a professional photographer is key for any wedding of any size. After all, your memories of the big event are all you have, and your wedding photos are arguably the best keepsake of your big day. It’s one of the most monumental days of your life so you should definitely have it documented.

3. Wear Something You Love

It’s imperative that both you and your partner wear something you love. And if you think you can’t wear a beautiful ballgown to the courthouse, think again! After all, this is your wedding day, so if you’ve always dreamed of walking down the aisle wearing a wonderful white dress, then do it! Don’t feel confined by the space of your venue.

4. Don’t Forget the Flowers

A bride holding a small bouquet of sunflowers and greenery.

The best thing about having flowers at your wedding is that it’s a small tradition that needn’t cost a lot. Even picking flowers from your own personal garden or buying a bouquet from the grocery store will do. Flowers are a lovely addition to a wedding ceremony, even if you only have some in your hair!

5. Exchange Love Notes with Each Other

Many brides and grooms-to-be enjoy exchanging love notes or romantic gifts prior to the ceremony. It’s an adorable gesture that can be included with your city hall wedding, especially since they can easily be homemade (AKA, very budget-friendly).

6. Keep any Family Traditions

A bride wearing a lace dress with blue trim.

Does your family or your partner’s family have any wedding traditions you’d like to incorporate within your big day? Remember, just because you’re doing it small doesn’t mean you have to forgo wonderful keepsakes that have been passed down in the family. If it’s significant to wear something borrowed, something blue, or your mother’s veil, for example, then by all means include it!

7. Enjoy a Wedding Cake

Whether you decide to host a reception or not, you and your partner should definitely indulge with a wedding cake. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a big cake; in fact, it can be cupcakes, donuts, or whatever your sweet tooth desires. But you should definitely treat yourself with this (literally) sweet tradition!

8. Plan a Reception

A bride and groom at a small wedding reception after their city hall ceremony.

While you might not be having a traditional marriage ceremony, you might still want to celebrate your big day by getting together with your nearest and dearest. You might choose to rent out a venue, host a house party, or even arrange an intimate dinner at a favorite restaurant. Whatever you do, ensure that it reflects both of you and aligns with your ultimate vision of your big day.

Getting married at the local courthouse doesn’t mean you have to be super minimal and go without sweet wedding traditions. Using the above examples as a guide, you can definitely add some lovely details that will enhance your day however you see fit.

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