9 Crazy Wedding Trends of the Past

A bride and groom on horseback riding through a field of lavender.

We all want our special day to be, well, special! So it’s no surprise that over the years there have been a number of bizarre wedding trends that have gained fame just because they make your celebration stand out above the rest. Looking back, however, some of these trends make you wonder—whoever thought that THIS would be a good idea? Here are some examples of some of the craziest things to happen at weddings over the past few decades that are best put to rest. If nothing else, these serve as a valuable lesson of not jumping on the bandwagon too soon.

1. Bridalplasty

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, and it’s not uncommon for a person to insist that their bridal party does the same—but insisting that they go under the knife is a bit too bridezilla. Bridalplasty was so common at one point that there was actually a reality TV show about it. There’s no harm in getting a Botox touch-up to look your best, but make sure your future spouse will still recognize you at the altar. In addition, it’s never acceptable to subject others to involuntary medical procedures.

2. Animal Guests

If you have a beloved pet, you’ll likely want to include them in your ceremony. This isn’t always advised—not every guest is comfortable around dogs, for example—but at least it’s acceptable. However, some people took this to the next level by hiring some exotic animals to participate in their ceremony or reception. Popular picks of the past included llamas, lions, and penguins. People have also used small fish as table centerpieces. In addition to animal welfare concerns, there are plenty of other reasons why it’s best to avoid this trend. Worst case scenario, what if a wild animal gets out of control?

3. Poorly Done Photoshop

A photographer taking a photo of a bride and groom outside.

Asking your photographer to touch up a blemish or two? Fine. Having people who look at your wedding photos question if they have cataracts? Not so much. Save the filters for Snapchat and keep your wedding album authentic. In addition, avoid becoming an internet joke and skip “funny” photoshopping. Search for bad photoshopped wedding pictures if you need guidance on what NOT to do.

4. Bridal Diapers (Yes, You Read that Right)

It’s hard to believe that people would seriously consider wearing a diaper on their big day. There’s nothing romantic or glamorous about saying your vows while wearing weighty and soggy undies. However, bridal diapers were a real trend at one point and you might still find them in certain bridal shops. (Of course, if you have a legitimate incontinence issue, they are useful and necessary.) However, if you don’t, but think you’ll need one, it’s probably a good idea to reconsider your dress choice.

5. Dramatic Transformations

It’s normal for brides to change into a different dress for the reception and maybe adjust the hair and makeup a bit, too. However, it’s probably not a good idea to undergo a drastic transformation such as a haircut or major color change midday. No matter how much your trust your stylist, there’s always the chance that it’ll end up in disaster.

6. Wearing Bridal Crocs

A pair of glittery sandals with a wedding dress hanging in the background.

Wearing heels all day can be a pain, but it’s not an excuse to be too casual. Some may argue that switching to sneakers mid-day is acceptable, but Crocs are probably taking it a step too far. Yes, bridal Crocs were so popular at one point that the company’s website had a separate bridal shoe section. Even if you feel it suits your personality, most people find any casual footwear unacceptable for a formal event. If comfort is a concern, invest in a pair of flats or sandals instead.

7. Dollar Dances

It’s hard to imagine that someone would want to feel like a stripper on their wedding day, but dollar dances are still a thing. The idea is that to get a dance with the bride or groom, one must pin a dollar to their clothing. If you’re short on cash, it’s better to ask guests to contribute to a honeymoon fund, instead.

8. Pierced Ring Fingers

If the image in your head made you cringe, you’re not alone. Most people find this trend one of the most bizarre ones to date. In lieu of a traditional wedding ring, some newlyweds are opting for a finger dermal piercing. Aside from the pain factor, pierced fingers are not recommended because of health risks. Think about it; we use our hands for everything and the chance that it might get caught on something or infected are extremely high. If you insist on being alternative, maybe consider a tattoo, instead.

9. Pre-Wedding Movies

A rising recent trend in Indian weddings is for couples to film a Bollywood-style movie to show at their wedding. Unless you’re both professional actors, though, you’ll probably only end up embarrassing yourself. Opt for a more classic method of telling your love story, such as a reception speech or a slideshow.

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