9 Experiences to Give as a Wedding Gift

A couple enjoying a glass of wine on a boat at sunset.

Sure, wedding gifts are cool and all, but have you ever had someone give you the gift of a unique experience that has the potential of offering up life-long memories? Because the truth is a couple doesn’t really need another blender and the planet doesn’t need more stuff. So if you’re looking to wow the bride and groom, you might want to skip their wedding gift registry and treat them to the following experiences instead.

1. A Sunset Sail

Nothing is more romantic than watching the sun set on the water. Sailing is such a peaceful means of gliding across the ocean, and it’s a perfect way for the newylweds to make memories (and maybe reenact the famous Jack and Rose scene from Titanic). Don’t worry if they’re getting married in a season that doesn’t bode well for sailing: you can always book it for the next summer, which makes it something special they can look forward to.

2. A Romantic Weekend

Sure, the newlyweds are bound to go on a honeymoon at some point. But making time for intimacy and connection is crucial for any couple, especially once reality sets in and the honeymoon is over. A romantic weekend, which might include a staycation at a local hotel or B&B, might be exactly what the love doctor ordered.

3. Yoga Retreat

A couple at a yoga retreat.

Every couple needs to zen out once in a while, and now that the pressure and stress of the wedding is over, the newlyweds will be hungry for ways to decompress and de-stress. Treating them to a yoga retreat whether locally or somewhere hot and exotic (Costa Rica and Mexico are great choices) is an amazing way for the couple to connect and find some inner peace. If a retreat is too pricey for you, consider treating them to a month’s worth of classes at a local yoga studio.

4. Theater Tickets

A trip to NYC to watch a Broadway show or two is a special memory that no couple will soon forget. It’s definitely a bucket wish item for many people, and with strolls in Central Park and restaurants galore, New York City is very much a romantic destination. Can’t afford a trip to the Big Apple? No problem. Many cities have their own theater productions, so treat your friends to tickets to a local production. You might even want to throw in dinner, too!

5. Cooking Class

Whether or not the newlyweds are amateur chefs, a cooking class is an amazing way to connect and learn new techniques and recipes that they can bring home with them. Another bonus? Food is a huge aphrodisiac, and everyone loves a good cook. Mark our words: the kitchen won’t be the only place that will get hot.

6. Winery Visit

A couple at a winery enjoying a glass of wine.

Lots of wine, picturesque vineyards, and did we mention wine? A winery visit, whether it’s to a specific one or a weekend trip to a winery destination like Sonoma or in Washington state, is always a romantic and fun experience. Depending on your budget, you might just want to gift them with a winery tour or you might want to splurge on the whole kit and caboodle, including their accommodations and transportation. A lot of venues also offer packages, so that’s a good place to start, too.

7. A Spa Day

Everyone loves—and needs— to rest and unwind, but let’s face it: our busy schedules make it difficult to book the time to do so. This is where you come in by booking a spa day or weekend for your newlywed friends. Include a couple’s massage (it’s a must) with some other luxurious treatments such as facials and mani/pedis. They’ll definitely appreciate this time to relax, which will only improve their relationship.

8. Casino Night

With good food, entertainment, and some fun (moderate) gambling, a night at the casino can be a playful way to let off some steam. You can arrange the entire evening at a local casino, including buying their dinner and entertainment, as well as including a small amount of gambling money. If you really want to do it big, you could book a weekend for the couple at Vegas, especially if you know that’s a place on their destination “must see” list.

9. Trail Ride

A couple having a romantic horseback ride.

Connecting with nature and on horseback is one of the most traditionally romantic experiences you can share with your beloved. Treat your friends to this remarkable time with either a trail ride at a local horse farm or book a weekend at a ranch that offers horseback riding, cozy campfires, and some beautiful fresh air.

These ideas should give you the inspiration for your memorable wedding gift. Giving a one-of-a-kind experience is something the couple won’t soon forget, and it sure beats another toaster oven. Material stuff is easily forgotten, but memories last a lifetime!

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