9 Flowers to Inspire Your Spring Wedding Color Palette

spring wedding reception table

Blossoming, bright, beautiful flowers define spring. A great thing about getting married this time of year is that blossoms are less expensive and easier to find. You have your pick of pretty much any color of the rainbow to choose from for your wedding color palette. There’s never a “wrong” color for any wedding color palette, but colorful spring flowers can definitely inspire the perfect color scheme for your big day.

1. Gerbera Daisy

wedding daisy bouquet

Bold and beautiful, the gerbera daisy catches attention. It’s not for brides that want a sweet, subtle look. It’s more for the bride who wants to wow guests with her gorgeous flowers. This daisy comes in almost 350 shades. From dark pink and classic white to crazy yellow and glowing orange, bouquets made of gerbera daisies are scene stealing. It’s easy to decorate tables and even the cake with gerbera daisies for a fresh, bright touch. You can also pick just a few of the shades and create a palette of your own.

2. Peony

peony spring wedding cake

The peony is for the classic bride that wants lush colors with a peaceful feeling. Peonies are soft and fresh, perfect for the pastel palette. They easily pair with other light flowers for a traditional touch. Light pinks, creams, and peaches are great for a spring wedding palette when it comes to the peony. Peonies are larger flowers, so if pairing with other flowers for a burst of color, think about size so they complement instead of overwhelm.

3. Tulip

tulip bridal bouquet

The tulip demands a look of class and luxury. Tulips are perfect for any wedding from a formal affair to a rustic look. The classic flower has a long stem with a pop of color at the top. You can go with almost any palette when using tulips. The soft pinks and purples mix together for a flawless fit, as do the whites and deep reds. The tulip is great for a bold or a soft palette.

4. Calla Lilly

calla lily bouttonierre

The calla lily is simply gorgeous made with many colors for any palette. The blossoms are shaped like trumpets. They are usually offered with either a large head and long stem or in a miniature version for boutonnieres and smaller decorations. These extravagant, classy flowers are offered in bold as well as light colors. You can pair dark burgundy with ivory or light pink with yellow.

5. Hyacinth

wedding cake surrounded by hyacinth

The hyacinth is perfect for a spring wedding, as it comes in many different colors and is perfect for decoration. It is classically the signature fragrance for spring. You can do clusters of these flowers in different colors, or sprinkle them as an accent. Fuchsia and white or pale pink and blue looks amazing at a spring wedding. These flowers are bushy and might overwhelm other types of flowers put with them.

6. Rose

wedding roses

Roses are perfect year round. The rose is a classic, timeless, gorgeous flower made in many different colors. A symbol of love and beauty, the rose palette can come together in many different ways for spring. The classic red rose paired with cream or white roses is a bolder look for spring, while the yellow rose and pale pink rose come together for amazing decorations or bouquets for a sweet spring look. Roses don’t need a lot of filler, so they are perfect alone in one color or different colors. The wedding cake can also adorn a few of the roses for a beautiful touch.

7. Lilac

lilac table centerpiece

The lilac is a delicate flower that comes predominantly in a lavender color, perfect for a wedding with light purple hues. This soft flower can inspire a palette of lavender and cream or a touch of light pink. Lilacs are often available in white, so it works well to mix the white and lavender flowers for decoration and in bouquets. This flower is sweet smelling, so be careful not to overwhelm the guests with too much of its perfume.

8. Sunflower

spring wedding sunflower bouquet

The bright yellow sunflower demands attention for its unique beauty. The yellow can be combined with many different colors for the perfect spring palette. It goes great with bolder colors like royal blue and deep magenta. This flower is also found at many weddings with pale colors and deep browns for a rustic feel. Sunflowers bring sunshine to any room and brighten up any decor. They are perfect for a bright, fun palette of colors.

9. Ranunculus

Ranunculus wedding bouquet

The ranunculus flower is a mouthful to say, but a cute little flower full of color. This flower is a lot like a peony with a cutting edge. The best thing about them is they come in many different colors ranging from whites, pale pinks, and yellows to dark pink, greens, and oranges. You can make a palette of bright ranunculus flowers or go with a more subtle look. It has many petals for a posh look and is easily paired with other types of flowers in a bouquet or decoration.

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