9 Reasons to Plan a Summer Wedding

A bride and groom standing on a dock at a lake during their summer wedding.

They don’t call summer “wedding season” for nothing. Many brides and grooms opt to share their nuptials during this sunny and warm time of year. If you’re in the beginning stages of planning a wedding, you know that the first thing to decide is what time of year your big day will be. When considering a summer wedding, there are many compelling reasons to swing your vote in that direction. Here’s nine reasons why summer weddings are just the best.

1. You Can Take Advantage of the Amazing Weather

If you want to have an outdoor wedding or take wedding photos outside, the summer makes a great case for itself with the weather alone. In many geographical locations, you have to worry about the weather not being warm enough if you opted for other seasons of the year. However, you can pretty much count on the weather being consistently warm and sunny in the days of summer, taking the stress of the forecast out of the picture for you.

2. There’s a Variety of Flower Options

A bride holding a colorful bouquet of summer flowers.

This is something you likely wouldn’t think about, but the summer offers a wider variety of flowers at better prices than at any other time of the year. Between the months of June and August, many more varities of flowers are in bloom in a variety of geographical locations. This means that the flowers you have in mind are more likely to be available, and at a more reasonable price since you won’t need to pay to have them flown in from somewhere else.

3. Guests Will Have Lots of Travel Flexibility

The summer months contain several holidays that can easily be turned into long weekends, making this the perfect time to host your wedding if you have an abundance of out-of-town guests. Consider Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July if it falls towards the beginning or end of the week, or even Labor Day weekend as a great time to turn your wedding into a two- or three-day event filled with fun, while making it easier for guests to attend. Since these holidays aren’t family-oriented like Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’s easy for guests to leave town for them.

4. You Can Use Outdoor Venues

A bride and groom walking through a lavender field at their outdoor summer wedding.

Because of the mild weather, summer opens up venue options that feature outdoor space. This time of year gives you the option of getting married on the beach, having an outdoor cocktail hour, or hosting the entirety of your event in the great outdoors! Whether you want a clambake-themed wedding, a boho beach ceremony, or a tented wedding on a sprawling lawn, all these options are possible during this warm and picturesque time of year.

5. You Can Use any Color Palette

When you’re getting married in the summer, you can go with virtually any color palette. While you can technically choose any palette during the entirety of the year, it can feel a bit off-kilter to choose a bright color palette during the more subdued winter months. During the summer, that’s not an issue! Incorporate as many pops of color into your day as your heart desires or freely go with a more neutral palette.

6. There Are More Hours of Sunlight

A summer wedding reception table set up on a beach.

The days of summer provide something that other seasons simply can’t: more hours of sunlight. This is key if you want a late start time for your wedding, or simply want more daylight hours for photo opportunites. It’s nice to have this flexibility in your schedule, which is another reason that summer weddings are so popular.

7. You’ll Have Endless Honeymoon Options

For those who want to go on their honeymoon directly after their wedding, the summer presents couples with a wide range of of location options. That’s because this time of year allows for stellar weather in most worldwide locations from Caribbean spots to the countries of Europe. The last thing you want to do is worry about the weather disappointing on your honeymoon, but during the summer you likely won’t need to.

8. You’ll Have a Variety of Dress Styles to Choose From

A bride wearing a strapless dress at her outdoor summer wedding.

It’s easier to plan a wedding dress around summer weather than colder times of the year. During summer, you won’t need to worry about getting chilly in something sleeveless or strapless and you’ll feel like you have a much wider range of options in front of you.

9. You Can Sport a Natural Tan

Summer weddings allow you to have that natural glow from the sun without having to visit the tanning salon or brave the process of using self-tanner. For those getting married in other months of the year, it can be tough to achieve this natural bronzed look and many brides fear that they end up looking too pale or washed out without it.

Summer weddings are a great choice for many couples, and some of the above-listed reasons may paint a picture of why it’s a great option for you!

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