9 Tips for Making Your Rainy Spring Wedding Day Work for You

bride and groom under umbrella

Spring is upon us, and with that, so is wedding season! While June is the most popular month to get married, it can also be one of the rainiest months depending on where you live. While most couples don’t even want to think about the chance of rain on their special day, it’s better to prepare for the worst than try to deal with it as it happens.

If you’re busy scheduling a spring, summer, of even fall wedding, accept that there might be rain and consider the ways you can handle it.

1. Preparation

Hosting an outdoor wedding can be absolutely gorgeous; full-greenery, blue skies, and twinkling stars complete the perfect backdrop for any occasion. But considering most wedding dates are set months in advance, you can never predict how the weather will turn out. In fact, you probably couldn’t predict it even days away. That’s why it’s best to make plans in case your perfect sunshiny day turns grey. You might even want to consider it for an indoor wedding, too, for those much anticipated outdoor photographs and the journey from your house to the venue.

2. Wedding Insurance

rainy couple

Wedding insurance won’t brighten the weather, but it might brighten your spirits. Having insurance for your wedding could save you a lot of stress if the weather turns for the worse. For example, if you need to cancel your wedding due to terrible weather, such as a hurricane, a wedding insurance policy will usually cover it. Wedding insurance covers a multitude of things including if your ceremony or reception site is damaged or inaccessible because of bad weather. If this happens, they should cover the cost of rescheduling the weddings and all the details involved.

3. Rain Cards

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you really should include rainy day cards as an insert for your invitations. These cards should describe any alternate plans you have in place for your wedding in case it gets rained out.

4. Makeup and Hair

bride and groom under umbrella

No bride wants her hair to frizz or makeup to run. There are a few tips and tricks you can use when doing your own wedding makeup. For starters, make sure to use primer on your skin after cleaning it to help make your makeup last longer. You should also use waterproof makeup (which is a given for any teary-eyed bride), but also make sure you use an invisible powder to set your makeup once it’s done. Finally, there are makeup sprays you can purchase that help set and seal your makeup for the day.

When it comes to your hair, just make sure you use a humidity resistant hairspray.

Of course, if you plan on hiring a professional makeup artist and hairstylist, they probably already know all the tips and tricks for long-lasting makeup and hair, even in wet weather. You might want to ask them if they can stay for touch-ups though, if that’s an option.

5. Rent a Tent

You should research tent rentals ahead of time. That way if Mother Nature decides to rain on your parade, you’ll be ready. Just make sure you ask the tent rental company if they have an emergency phone line for events in progress or same-day rush orders available. If it fits in your budget, it might even be a good idea to rent one ahead of time either way. It never hurts to have somewhere shaded and dry to hangout during an outdoor wedding. And if you’re hosting your wedding at an outdoor venue, they might already have a back-up plan in place for these situations so be sure to ask.

6. Towels

bride and groom under blanket

By the start of the day you should have an idea if there’s a chance of rain. If there is, consider bringing a few towels along for you and your guests. Even with umbrellas available, it helps to have something to dry off with, even if it’s just to wipe off a few drops of water on your shoulders or down your back.

7. Umbrellas and Boots

Assuming you will be able to tell if your wedding day is going to get rained out ahead of time (even if it’s just the night before), you could always purchase cute rain boots and umbrellas for your wedding party and guests. There are a lot of adorable options when it comes to rain boots. Whether they have floral prints or polka-dots, you should be able to find something that goes well with your bridesmaids dresses.

Having umbrellas to offer your guests is a kind gesture as well, for those who didn’t think to bring their own. They don’t have to be big or expensive either, as long as it does what it’s intended to do: keep you dry. However, you can of course get fancy when it comes to your own umbrellas as the bride and groom. Adding umbrellas and rain boots to your wedding gives you the opportunity to have some fun, so why not?

8. Photographs

bride and groom under umbrella

There are a lot of gorgeous shots of rainy weddings, so have no fear, you can still capture beautiful photos of your special day even when it’s wet outside. When looking for a photographer it might be helpful to ask them if they know what to do in case it does rain. An experienced photographer should not only know what to do, but how to get creative with your photos by using the rain and lighting to their advantage.

9. Go With the Flow

At last, we have no control of the weather, but we can control how we handle it. If your picture-perfect sunny wedding day turns cloudy, don’t let it damper your spirits. Instead, accept it for what it is, go with the flow and have fun!

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