9 Ways to Make Your Mothers a Part of Your Wedding Day

Bride and her mother

Maybe you’ve been dreaming about what it will be like to be married since you were little, or maybe you haven’t. Regardless, your mother might have been, wondering who would be your “happily ever after.” She may drive you crazy with perfecting details during planning, but it’s important to remember how she may be feeling on your big day, watching you walk away into a new phase of life. Or, in the case of step-mothers or mothers-in-law, how unsure they may be about their position in your life during your big day. No matter what, take time and make an effort to show all of the women in your life what they mean to you during this important occasion.

1. Wedding Program Note

Write a special note to your moms in the wedding program. Give them a thank you shoutout for putting up with all your shenanigans during your life, showing you the meaning of true love, and helping you through each stumble. They’re probably always bragging about you so it’s time give them a bit of the spotlight.

2. Carry Something With You

ring in roses

Adorn your bridal bouquet or your boutonniere with a special touch from your mother. You can place a brooch or another piece of her jewelry among the flowers. You can even place a photo of her in a locket to hang there so you carry her love with you through the ceremony.

3. First Look Photo

Many couples these days are going for the “first look” photo with their spouse. Catching the magic the first time they lays eyes on one another at the wedding is priceless. Imagine catching the look on your mother’s face as you walk into the room. She always knew you were amazing, but on this day you’ll be everything she ever wanted for you. Ask the photographer to snap this photo so both of you can capture this special moment.

4. A Special Moment During Your Walk Down The Aisle

Traditionally, a bride walks down the aisle to meet their spouse at the alter. Some couples have thrown tradition to the wind and either choose not to walk at all or have both parents walk one of them instead. If you want to stick with tradition, you can always stop during your walk to give your mothers a hug or hand them a flower. Many times you will already be stopping as you’re “given away” to your future spouse so you can easily take a pause at this time if you do go them more conventional route.

5. Give Her a Job

Mother helping groom

Everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off during most wedding day preparations. Your moms might feel useless or just left out so give them jobs. If someone is great at organization, have her set out the wedding favor bags or put place cards at each person’s designated seat. Someone could also help bridesmaids get dressed or check on your spouse and the rest of the wedding party to make sure they’re set. Someone also will need to meet the florist to direct where the flowers go and tell the cake person where to sit the dessert. Make your mothers feel like they’re in charge of certain jobs and they won’t be hovering over you all day.

6. Set Time Aside for Just the Two of You

The wedding couple are the superstars at their ceremony and reception. Everyone wants a picture, a hug, and to congratulate them. Don’t let your mothers feel left out. Set time aside in the chaos of the day to spend time alone with them individually. Share your feelings about the day and tell her how much she’s done for you to get you to this place in life. You can even sit in silence and just hug, letting your feelings do the talking.

7. Pamper Her

Make your moms feel just as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside by pampering them. Odds are you are probably going all out looking perfect, so you should let her be your partner in pampering for the day. Sit beside each other as you laugh and tell old stories while you both get the royal treatment.

8. Incorporate Her Wedding Dress

There are many reason why you may not be able to have your mother’s dress worn for the wedding, but this isn’t the only way you can make it a play a part. You don’t have to destroy her dress either! Just snip a piece and tie it around your bouquet or boutonniere. Or use embellishments in the dress as decor on the bride’s garter or headpiece. You can even use parts of the dress as decoration. Wrap the lace around centerpiece candles or vases for a beautiful touch.

Lace candle

9. A Special Dance

Traditionally, the bride and groom have a special dance at the reception with their father and mother to a sappy song that makes everyone cry. No matter how you choose to go about these special dances, no one who is important to you should be left out of the cryfest. Slow dance with each of your mothers and bring back memories of your life together. Let them have their special moment to dance and just enjoy your time. If you aren’t into bringing the whole crowd to tears, dance to a fun song that gets everyone singing and dancing instead.

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