9 Ways Your Groomsmen Will Annoy You on the Big Day

A groomsman pouring champagne into a glass in a limo.

We’ve all been there: you’re so angry with someone it’s welling up inside, like a bad case of indigestion. When you’re under stress on your wedding day, the smallest thing can be annoying and nothing can ruin your moment like stewing because you’re upset about one dud groomsman. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, however, so here’s some things that can potentially go wrong with your fiancé’s groomsmen and how to stop the problem in its tracks—or in some cases before it even occurs.

1. Imbibing a Bit Too Much

Excessive swilling is a quick way to bug the bride. Our advice? Why don’t you speak to your bridal party on the morning of the big day, inviting them to have a great time and get their drink on, but in a responsible way. Remind them how special this day is for you, and how much work you’ve put into it. This serves as a gentle reminder not to get wasted, and sets the expectations for the day.

2. Not Wearing the Proper Clothing

Groomsmen getting ready for a wedding.

Most groomsmen are pretty good about wearing the right stuff to the party, especially after receiving careful text-message instructions from their groom, but you will get the odd few who don’t feel like wearing socks with dress shoes, who refuse to do anything to their hair, who drip smoothie all over their pants that morning, who come with wrinkled shirts or unshined shoes. You may want to keep a lint roller and a spare pair of socks and necktie on hand for these guys.

3. Using Coarse Language

Your entire family is there, so of course the groomsmen are going to be even raunchier than normal. Keep things kosher by giving the guys a heads up on that super conservative uncle of yours and the children who will be around. If someone continues to use bad language and you notice other guests are becoming offended, pull the person aside and ask him to refrain. A short conversation is usually enough to keep them quiet for a while, as opposed to meaningful stares.

4. Showing up Late

A man in a blue suit looking at his watch.

Groomsmen who aren’t too responsive on their phones, who show up 20 minutes late (no big deal, right?) can cause a little bit of extra stress on the wedding day. To combat this, try telling that one guy you know will be super late an earlier time than everyone else. Another way to get folks to arrive on time is to let them know there will be food served. People tend to arrive on time where food’s concerned.

5. Fighting with Other Groomsmen

Spats among the groomsmen get old fast—really fast. Old rivalries or beef from work can make for an awkward wedding party. If you know a few of your groomsmen are in the weeds, ask them to work it out before your big day so that there aren’t any issues wrecking the event. Guests notice when groomsmen aren’t getting along.

6. Switching up the Seating Arrangements

A wedding seating chart in a dining hall.

You spent a lot of time playing Tetris when it came to seating folks at your wedding. It can be incredibly grating when someone decides he can sit wherever he wants. Have your maid of honor reign in this behavior, at least until the dance floor opens up.

7. Complaining

No one wants to be around someone in the wedding party who complains all day. The food’s not seasoned, this cocktail is too weak, I don’t want to take that photo—it can get annoying real fast. Groomsmen who are ungrateful or who take the hard work you put into the ceremony for granted can be tough to deal with. We recommend just leaving these miserable cretins to themselves. They’ll find themselves alone soon anyway—who wants to hang out with the Debbie Downer at the party?

8. Refusing to Dance

People dancing at a wedding.

Everyone knows the unofficial job of the groomsmen is to keep the party going. How lame is it not to dance at someone’s wedding?

9. Taking too Many Photos

No one likes a shutterbug getting in your face on your special day. That’s what you hired the wedding photographer for. If you wanted a bunch of awful candids of yourself on your wedding day with food in your teeth or making weird faces mid-conversation, you would have had your thirteen-year-old cousin Billy bothering everyone. Besides, your groomsmen should be ensuring everyone else is having a good time, not stocking up on pictures for their social media accounts.

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