9 Wedding Decor Trends for 2019

Wedding ceremony decor with glittery curtains and dark florals.

Every new year brings new trends for the wedding world. In the past, we’ve seen specific color palettes, dress styles, and decor preferences rise in popularity—and 2019 is no different. So, what are the biggest wedding decor trends for 2019? Read on to hear about some favorites for couples getting married this year.

1. Minimalism

Unlike past years when the focus has often been on having a lot of different decor elements, 2019 is going to be the year of intention and minimalism with wedding decor. This doesn’t mean low impact or sparse, however. It just means that the choices couples make surrounding their wedding will be more specific and less overwhelming. A few bold choices that make a big impact are the name of the game in 2019.

2. Clear Accents

Clear chairs decorated with red flowers at a wedding ceremony.

In addition to the modern minimalism in many other decor choices, lots of couples are going even further and using clear accents to give a streamlined look to their wedding ceremony or reception site. Lucite table settings, vellum paper pieces, and acrylic sheets for wedding signage all give a clean, minimalistic look to your space and really let the other chosen elements shine. These accents create a modern look and can also be used for things like vases and chairs.

3. Letter Boards

Move over chalkboards, because letter boards are here! These simple boards with removable and changeable lettering are huge this year. The traditional aesthetic of the board style, mixed in with the variety of color options they are now available in, will make these signs extremely personalized and functional for everything from menus to seating charts and everything in between.

4. Eye-Catching Cakes

A wedding cake decorated with pink and blue flowers painted onto the icing.

Wedding cakes are a huge trend in 2019 compared to the dessert displays of years past, but even more than that, cakes are going to be used both as a delicious dessert and as an eye-catching piece of art and decor for the celebration. Whether it’s an intricately hand-painted cake or a towering piece of edible artwork, wedding cakes are back and better than ever.

5. Unexpected Color Palettes

If the past few years have featured mostly muted pastels in weddings, 2019 is amping up the color palettes with unexpected options, including everything from bright, bold colors to dark, rich tones.
Nontraditional pairings of colors is a huge trend in 2019, so if there’s a combination you love but have been worried about matching together, now’s the time to go for it! Other nontraditional color choices are making their way forward as well, such as using black as a statement color on your tablescape or other decor.

6. Balloons

A trendy pink balloon garland with flowers at a wedding reception.

Balloons are becoming a bigger aesthetic trend this year—not just for the kiddos at your party, but as a decor statement as well. Balloons are being intertwined into floral arrangements, used as designators for areas in your reception location, and even replacing flowers in things like walls and archways. Using balloons as decor creates an instantly fun, relaxed atmosphere that screams party!

7. Velvet

Velvet isn’t just for winter, anymore. Although this trend is super huge for wedding-related clothing elements such as suits, sashes, or shoes, it’s also become a big feature in a lot of decor elements as well. Velvets, and other rich fabrics, are being used as decor accents for weddings during every season of the year. This is specifically great for a bold choice on your tablescape, whether that be a small accent piece or full velvet linens. This fabric would also look gorgeous around the base of vases, used as table runners, or even incorporated into wedding signage.

8. Greenery as Decor

Trendy greenery centerpieces at a wedding reception.

Greenery is coming inside this year, and it’s going to be used in many different decorative elements for weddings in 2019. Think of garlands, arches, custom-made wall displays, and non-floral greenery as centerpieces. And it doesn’t have to necessarily be green—plants in general are huge, including natural elements like pampas grass. And while flowers are a very traditional wedding decor item, don’t be surprised to see them used as more than just table decor.

9. Guest Customization

With more minimalistic decor styles on the rise, many couples are choosing to get more bang for their buck by choosing decor pieces that are very specialized, not only to the couple themselves, but also to their wedding guests. Table settings and place cards are becoming more specially suited to the guests who’ll be sitting there. But this is about more than just name tags—some couples are creating custom art or letters for each guest, and even using technology like laser cutting for place settings or seating charts.

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