A Father’s Role at the Wedding

Bride and her father

Mothers tend to have a lot of participation in both weddings and wedding planning, Many couples get help from their moms in choosing the dress, handling the decorations, and even helping to dress the bride on the morning of the big day! But what about fathers (or father figures!) and their role in wedding planning and the wedding day? Is it just to stand around in a suit and look handsome? We think not! There are many ways for a dad to positively influence and be involved in his child’s wedding.

The Traditional Role

Groom with his father

Let’s begin with the more traditional and possibly expected aspects of the wedding. Walking the bride down the aisle (or walking the mother of the groom down the aisle if they’re the his parents) is an incredibly important, traditional role for a father. Although the original reason may have some less-than-ideal roots, nowadays many brides still choose to have their dads walk them. This gesture is often seen as a symbol of love from her first family as she enters into her brand new family with her spouse! Another classic aspect is the Father/Daughter dance, where many people choose to dance with their dads as a part of the reception. Being present and in-the-moment for this special time can be extremely important to the couple and can be a beautiful and treasured memory for years to come.

Obviously fathers also play a huge part on the groom’s side, much like the mothers do for the bride. They can help with tux rentals and fittings, and getting ready on the big day.

The Helper

That’s right, dads aren’t only involved in the classic aspects of the wedding anymore! In our modern times, many fathers participate in a lot more regards—helping their child make choices about seating or decor, and even physically participating in set-up and take-down of the big day! My dad was a HUGE help in preparation for our wedding, on the day of, and the day after when everything was being put back into its pre-wedding state!

And dads don’t just have to help with the physical side of things. If your father knows he has great taste in flowers or an awesome eye for design, he should share it! Fathers might feel like it’s “not their place” to be a part of the logistical side of things, but as long as they consult with the couple first, their help and guidance will likely be greatly appreciated by everyone involved! It takes a whole crew to get things ready for a wedding, and help from family can make a massive difference in making everything run smoothly!

Emotional Support

Groom hugging father

For many brides in particular, a father’s opinion can hold special importance on her wedding day, so don’t be afraid to show your emotional side for this big event! And the couple aren’t the only ones who will need it! Often the mothers and close family and friends of the bride and groom need extra support and affection on such a wonderful but emotional day! Dads shouldn’t take for granted the ability to help in many ways. They can not only lend a shoulder to cry on or a warm hug, but also crack a silly joke or provide a hand to hold. A person full of encouragement, positivity, and humor on the wedding day is a serious asset to everyone present, and can be the perfect role for an awesome dad to fill!

The Special Project

In the time before the big day, dads should consider helping their son or daughter with a special project, just the two of them, that can be used for the wedding. Maybe a decoration of some kind, a piece of artwork, or something completely practical—all that matters is that it’s something you can to work on together. In the months leading up to my wedding, my father and I worked together to build the arch that my future husband and I would get married under. Spending time with my dad on this special project is a memory that I will absolutely treasure forever. Not only was it just awesome to spend time with him, but it was wonderful to create something that was going to be such a special part of my wedding day. Fathers, do not underestimate your important and what you can contribute. Find something to show your children that you’re excited about their wedding, too, and enjoy working together with them to get it done!

These are just a few ways for a father to have a unique role at his child’s wedding. It’s not just about signing checks or standing quietly in a suit anymore; dads play a truly important role in the lives of their family, and they should play an important role in weddings, too! Don’t be afraid to speak up and help out, Dads. You might just be glad you did!

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