A Guide to Wearable Flowers for Your Wedding

A bride wearing greenery and white flowers in her updo.

There are so many wedding trends this year, and one of them topping the list as far as bridal style is concerned is wearable flowers. This trend makes it easy to adorn yourself with blooms as you walk down the aisle, giving you a gorgeous yet natural look. There are so many ways to rock this trend that you’ll soon wonder which route you want to take when it comes to finding the perfect wearable flowers for your big day.

Using Faux vs. Real Flowers to Accessorize

As a bride, there are a few reasons you may want to use fake, long-lasting flowers to accessorize your look. First, these will be an everlasting memento from your wedding day that you can keep (and even re-wear!). Next, it’s more eco-friendly in most cases to use fake flowers than it is to use real blooms. This route may also be more economically friendly. Finally, these flowers make it easy and predictable to know how your accessory will look on the day of since they’re not changing; that goes to say that they are always in “bloom” and you won’t chance them dying or falling apart on your wedding day.

Although there are benefits to using faux flowers as wearable accessories, it doesn’t mean that many brides don’t opt to use real blooms instead. And doing so certainly has its advantages! First, using real flowers will give your accessory a more genuine look because while fake flowers have come a long way, they may not always look exactly like the real deal. Real flowers have a certain texture that simply can’t be replaced in a lot of cases. Additionally, wearing an accessory made with real flowers can likely be ordered from your florist with your other arrangements. This guarantees that your accessories will match the rest of your florals from your wedding. Plus, real flowers have an amazing scent that you will carry with you for all of your wedding day.

Flower Crown

A bride wearing a flower crown of greenery and light pink roses.

Probably the most popular way to wear flowers as a bride is to opt for a flower crown instead of a veil. This crown can be as bold or as dainty as you’d like, but either way it will be sure to make a statement.

Flower Anklet

A floral anklet is the new corsage these days. A small arrangement of flowers on a silk ribbon or band is easy to wear and is fun for a bride to know it’s there, even if no one else can see it. This is particularly popular for brides who change into a shorter reception dress and want to have something extra to accessorize them with, without having to hold it.

Flower Necklace

A bride wearing a choker necklace with pearls and live flowers.

A recent trend is brides wear floral necklaces to make a statement. It’s becoming more and more popular for brides to wear these towards their back so that there is a burst of blooms at the top of their back, hanging their daintily. Some brides pair this necklace with a long strand of pearls for dramatic effect.

Flower Belt or Sash

Replacing a jeweled belt or sash, flowers are now being worn around a bride’s midsection. This is a beautiful way to display flowers for the entirety of your event. Florists can place one large bloom surrounded by smaller ones or a cornucopia of smaller flowers on a ribbon or sash to create an eye-catching piece. Bridesmaids can wear these too, instead of holding bouquets.

A Flower Ring

Someone putting a ring made of flowers on the finger of a woman.

If you’re not into the idea of a traditional wedding band, a ring made of flowers or with a single bloom on it certainly makes a statement and is fun for your new spouse to slip onto your ring finger during the ceremony. Plus, nothing says, “We’re married” like a big statement on your ring finger!

Shoe Flowers

This is very unique, but adorning your bridal shoes with fresh (or fake) blooms is an easy way to make your kicks stand out on your big day. These can match your bouquet as an added touch.

This bridal trend is certainly a fun one to keep up with, as it really allows you to be creative. Embrace the natural, boho bride that lives inside you and sport a beautiful bloom in an unexpected way on your big day.

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