Adventurous Destination Wedding Locations You Haven’t Considered Yet

A bride and groom underwater in an ocean kissing.

There are many reasons why a couple opts for a destination wedding. Perhaps they want to wed in a special place like where they met or got engaged, or they want to enjoy a vacation with their nearest and dearest—or maybe with only each other. But there is one common motive that leads these couples to a destination celebration: a desire for adventure.

If you and your partner want to live to the fullest, then a destination wedding seems like heaven. You can see a new place, enjoy spectacular sights, and begin your journey as a wedded couple. But why pick from the usual destination wedding fare like European castles and tropical beaches, when you can try something truly unique—something like these wedding destinations.

Say “I Do” Underwater

The Cayman Islands, with their crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches, are a popular location for destination weddings already, but it is the territory’s largest island that really piques people’s interest. The Grand Cayman is known for it’s vibrant and stunning coral reef—and if you’re up for the adventure, you can get married right in the thick of it.

That’s right, a Scuba-certified minister will take you and your fiancé right into that gorgeous water, where you’ll exchange vows with schools of tropical fish as your audience! And don’t worry about getting the perfect wedding photo; many island photographers have underwater equipment they can use to capture every breathtaking moment (not that you’d ever forget a wedding like this)!

Love Will Keep You Warm

The Hôtel de Glace in Quebec.

Are the warm African plains not your style? Head somewhere colder—around 25 degrees to be exact! The Hôtel de Glace in Quebec is made entirely of ice and snow (even the beds), giving you a unique experience both chilling and exquisitely beautiful. It’s the perfect destination for the couple who loves the cold and wants to wed in a literal winter wonderland.

The Hôtel de Glace is only open three months out of the year (it’s torn down every April), but that doesn’t mean you can’t hop over to one of the other ice hotels around the world! From the The SnowCastle of Kemi in Finland to Le Village Igloo in France, there are many locations where you can have a wintery wedding day!

Celebrate on Safari

When we think of destination weddings, most folks imagine one of two scenes: the sunny, warm beaches of a tropical island or the chic, romantic setting of a city like Paris or Rome. But if you ask me, the adventurous couple deserves to have a destination wedding unlike any other, so why not start married life on an African safari?

Countries like Kenya and Namibia are the best-kept secret in the destination wedding industry. And this is a shame, because they host one incredible wedding! In Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve, for example, you two can become newlyweds in a luxurious safari lodge, complete with a blessing from the local community elder and a view of wild elephants and giraffes.

Get Married on (or Near) Cloud Nine

A hot air balloon floating in the sky in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Many couples say that getting married feels like being on cloud nine. But some couples want to take that feeling to the next level, which might be why the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has become a hot spot for destination weddings. Couples can become newlyweds while literally flying among the clouds!

If you want to get married on a hot air balloon, it’s important to note that you’re in for a small ceremony. The balloons can only hold up to 12 passengers, so you can only share this moment with the very nearest of your nearest and dearest. But when you look around (and down) at the incredible view, it will all be worth it!

For Better or Worse Behind Bars

Do you and your fiancé devour true crime shows? Are you both obsessed with haunted houses? If so, you won’t find a better destination than Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary. This prison (which once housed Al Capone) is one of America’s most haunted places, so you may want to get to town a few days early—you’ll want to have some time to explore it before the big day!

Not only is Eastern State Penitentiary a great destination wedding locale for true crime buffs, but it’s a surprisingly beautiful venue. High, arched ceilings and glass skylights will make for unbelievably gorgeous photos you’ll cherish forever. And besides, what better to promise “for better or worse” than tying the knot in the Big House?

If you and your partner are planning a destination wedding, don’t be afraid to get creative (and we mean really creative). After all, you will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. Make it more than a special day—make it an adventure!

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