Alternative Fall Color Palettes

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Fall is one of the most perfect times of the year to get married. The air is crisp, the leaves begin to fall, and vibrant colors come to life. One of the best things about having your ceremony during this time is playing with those vibrant colors in your wedding palette. This season provides the perfect opportunity to put together colors that range from bright and bold to light and airy. We have some great alternative color palettes ideas to help you find the perfect one for your autumn wedding.

Purple and Lavender Varieties

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A purple or lavender palette provides a soft, elegant look. The different hues of purple range from light pastel to bold and faded. You can go very fancy with purple pairing it with deep greens in your flowers or with white for a beautiful contrasting effect. Purple is a versatile color that can stand alone in all its different shades or easily pair with other colors for a gorgeous look.

Brown, Light Blue, and Scarlet Red

Brown is one color that might scare you at first. Browns in fall are very stereotypical, but not if you pair it with something amazing like light blue and scarlet red. The light blue can give a feel of Southern hospitality while the scarlet red brings a punch of boldness to the look; however, all three together are reminiscent of a beautiful, sunny fall afternoon. It’s the perfect combination for the rustic style weddings that dominate during this time of year, as the theme already lends itself to decorating with brown tones.

Navy Blue, Light Orange, and Red

Navy is becoming a very popular color at autumn weddings. It’s deep, bold, and stands out with and against normal warm tones, evoking imagery of cold seasonal shadows that contrast against bright fall hues. A dark navy paired with peach provides a great look for invitations, table decorations, and/or accents while a navy dress against flowers in light orange creates the perfect pop of color. You can even incorporate gold accents as a lovely compliments to all three colors.

Turquoise, White, and Black

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The thought of turquoise, black, and white in the same palette for a wedding doesn’t scream “fall” at first thought, but hold tight. Turquoise is actually a perfect color to stand stark against a fall background; it’s bold, but can be subtle. The black and white bring a bit of elegance to the turquoise, and the colors combined give the palette a royal, yet fun look.

Red, Scarlet Red, and Pink

Don’t write off pinks as spring and summer colors. Light and dark shades both can create a great pop of color. Pair together “berry” tones of red, scarlet, pink, and even purple for a gorgeous, romantic palette, and put the bold colors next to the lighter ones when you want something more elegant. Red dresses can pair with white or light pink flowers. This palette is striking as well as lively.


Green is a versatile color for an autumn wedding palette. It can stand alone or be paired with many different colors for the perfect effect. Rustic and vintage weddings always find a great friend in bright green, as it brings nature into the mix, making these themes feel more fresh than stale. Emerald green gives a bold effect to the entire look, and while it’s great by itself, it is even better paired with an off-white or ivory color. Just be careful not to pair too many colors with greens or you might diminish some of its luster.

Gray and Purple

The bold pop of purple combined with the elegance of gray isn’t just about bringing warmth to winter. It’s also a great combination for fall because the deep colors set the romantic feel for the entire night. You can pair purple dresses with ivory flowers and gray suits, and silver is an amazing accent to the grays in the decorations. You can even give this palette a pairing with a rustic wedding, highlighting the natural decorations while feeling classy at the same time.

Yellows and Bold Tones

Yellow and green bouquet

Yellow is a staple of fall thanks to the color changing leaves, but you can liven up simple yellows by pairing them with bold colors. Yellow is a bright, fun color so give a more elegant partner like white or navy blue depending on the feel of your wedding. Yellows and greens go naturally together, but stay away from midtones or you can risk going a little summery or a little Green Bay Packers. Stick to warmer yellows and darker greens or lighter tones for a look that feels like that early transition into the autumn season.

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