Amazing and Fun Wedding Entrances

Bride and groom doing an amazing dance as confetti falls

Once all of the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony and the formal couple photos are over, it’s time to let loose and party it up at the reception! There are so many options for the first time you arrive and are officially announced as couple for the first time: some couples have the DJ play the first dance song and begin dancing right away, others enter alongside their bridal party in a more understated manner, and some even forgo the formal reception entrance all together. But what if you’re hoping to really make a splash for your first entrance in wedded bliss?

Enter in a Unique Vehicle

If you have the means and ability, why not go for an entrance that will really get your guests talking? Arrive at your reception location in the most unique, head-turning vehicle you can find! The great thing about this option is you can very easily match it to the theme and tone of your event, too! Everything from a helicopter, chartered boat, vintage car, or a horse & carriage—whatever option best fits your personalities will make an incredible statement! All of these sounding a little too much for you? How about an adorable bicycle-built-for-two? Any kind of unique vehicle is sure to make a lasting impression on your guests, so you really can’t go wrong!

Couple dancing on smokey dance floor at a wedding reception

Showcase a Special Talent

Do you and your partner have an awesome talent you could showcase for the evening? If you’re incredible dancers, why not enter with a choreographed number to wow everyone? If you’re singers, coming in with a rehearsed love song will pretty much guarantee there won’t be a dry eye in the house. But maybe an even more amazing option would be for you both to learn something new to really showcase a hidden talent for your guests! A comedy routine, magic show, or some other kind of fun, exciting brand-new talent would make for a totally unexpected, fun wedding entrance for you and your brand-new spouse.

Get Your Bridal Party to Help

Many of the recently trendy wedding exits could also make a pretty incredible entrance, if only you had the help to do it! And that is, of course, where your faithful bridal party comes in. Options like sparklers or ribbon wands would look extra-adorable if the people holding these are the people who have been helping you prepare, plan, and execute this incredible day. Another really fun option would be something like confetti or glitter; you and your partner could wait behind closed doors and, at your signal, your party would throw a TON of glitter or confetti into the air above you as you enter! It’s such a fun thing for everyone participating, as well as a super memorable way to be first presented, and the photos will be incredible! Remember—your party is there because they love you and they want to help, so if you need a hand or two to make your perfect wedding entrance a reality, don’t be afraid to enlist them to assist you.

Bride and groom escorted by two Star Wars storm troopers


Now that the more formal part of your wedding day—the ceremony—is complete, you can have a little bit of extra fun with the reception. So why not go BIG with your reception entrance and make a choice that is really suited and niched to your preferences and interests as a couple? Do you and your partner love sports? Consider having your DJ announce everyone like they’re on a sports roster or have the happy couple run and break through a giant paper banner to get into the reception? Do you and your partner have a preference for super weird music? Well, now’s the time to embrace it and play that loudly and proudly as you march in! Do you and your partner have a favorite movie or TV show? Why not incorporate that into your entrance? (Jim and Pam’s wedding, anyone?) Now’s the time to really embrace what you love and make it a statement in your day!

Costumes and Props

There is, of course, the option to completely change your outfits for the reception, and that is absolutely possible here, but you could also just add a few key elements to make your entrance really stand out. Harry Potter nerds? Hello glasses, capes, and wands! Love Star Wars? Looks like you’re bringing in some light sabers! However you choose to incorporate costumes or props, they can be a hilarious and unique way to make your entrance stand out!

The most important thing to remember about your reception entrance is that it’s yours and only yours. So however you choose to enterwhether it’s in a super-stretch limo or a football jerseyif you bring as much of your relationship and personalities into it, your guests will certainly be talking about it for years to come!

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