Amazon Prime Day Deals for Your DIY Wedding

Amazon Prime Day 2021 takes place on June 20th and 21st, and there are plenty of deals to consider if you’re DIYing a wedding. We’ve rounded up a list of materials and items that you may find useful, whether you’re hosting a backyard wedding or simply taking on a few do-it-yourself projects to stay within budget.

Paint Pens

This set of 12 colorful, oil-based markers can be used on a variety of materials and have so many applications in your wedding DIY projects. They’re a steal for under $15, which is a price you likely won’t find at craft stores.

Fineliner Ink Pens

If you’re in need of pens for writing rather than crafting, this 9-piece pack in assorted tip sizes is perfect for the guest book or handwriting place cards (or thank you notes!).

Easel Paper

The possibilities for this 3-pack of white craft paper rolls are endless! (Think of a large-scale dinner menu in calligraphy or “tablecloths” on the kids’ tables with crayons to keep them busy during the reception.)

Retractable Extension Cord

Whether it’s for a sound system or hooking up your twinkle lights, this extension cord will likely come in handy if you’re hosting a wedding celebration in your own space.

Decorative Stones

These smooth stones in various color options would look pretty in clear vases as a base for candles! (A budget-friendly centerpiece idea in lieu of flowers!)

Pressure Washer

If you’re hosting a backyard wedding, chances are the space can use a good wash. A pressure washer isn’t the most fun wedding purchase, but it will make your venue sparkle.

Pop-Up Gazeebo

Offer your wedding guests shade in the summer heat with this 11×11′ gazeebo complete with mosquito netting.

String Lights

What’s a wedding reception without twinkle lights?! There are more than a few options available with Prime Day savings, from color changing options to classic globe shapes, and “curtain” configurations.

Wildflower Seeds

Perfect to fill in backyard space and add color, or to package up as favors stamped with “Let Love Grow.”

Cordless Drill

This power tool under $100 will be handy not only for any large scale DIY wedding projects you have planned, but for hanging up your wedding day photos in your home together.

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