An Insider’s Guide to Disney Themed Weddings

Bride and groom kissing in a Cinderella Disney carriage

Who doesn’t love a good Disney movie? Whether it’s the love of swoon-worthy romance of Cinderella, the unforgettable songs of The Little Mermaid, or the “love conquers all” theme of Beauty and the Beast, it’s safe to say that Disney certainly has its fair share of big fans.

If you and your future spouse adore Disney so much that you’re considering using your wedding to pledge your love not only to each other but also your favorite animated films, you’re going to need a lot of ideas to pull off your ultimate fairy tale ending.

Here’s everything you need to create the perfect Disney-themed wedding (sans dropping a glass slipper on the stairs).

Beauty and the Beast Themed Disney Wedding Invitation

Start with Magical Invitations

Set the theme of the wedding right away with your guests by creating some enchanting invitations. Depending on your favorite Disney films, you should choose language that will give your guests some clues of what to expect at the ceremony such as a Beauty and the Beast tagline at the end that says “Be Our Guest,” or writing the Cinderella reference “So This is Love” or “Once Upon a Dream,” a nod to Sleeping Beauty, at the top of the invitation.

Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to get creative. Luckily, all Disney films have some sort of theme of friendship and love in them, which makes them perfect resources for wedding inspiration.

Have Subtle References Throughout the Reception

You want to let your love for Disney shine at your wedding, but you may not want the theme to be completely in your face. Find subtle ways to display the Disney theme throughout the wedding that will let your guests in on a little bit of the magic, but won’t make it feel like a 10-year-old’s birthday party.

For example, you could have a clever, whimsical reference to Alice in Wonderland by putting tags on straws that say “Drink Me” that guests can place in their cocktail. Or you could have a sign at the bridal table that reads, “Kiss the Girl”—a nod to that famous song in The Little Mermaid (and a reminder that people should clink their glasses to get the happy couple to kiss throughout the reception).

For table decorations, you can never go wrong with roses—especially if those roses are underneath glass jars with some string lights like the rose in the Beast’s castle. You could also make pumpkins your centerpiece, which can double as a reference to Cinderella and a traditional autumn wedding decor staple.

Crystal tiara on a wooden table

Dress Like You’re Marrying Your Prince (or Princess) Charming

One of the most memorable and magical things about Disney movies are the clothes that the characters get to wear at the grand ball. If you really want to go above and beyond with the Disney theme, shopping for a wedding dress that’s reminiscent of a famous Disney princess dress would be a fashionable way to commit.

Who could forget that beautiful yellow ball gown that Belle threw on when she danced with the Beast? Or what about that gorgeous green and yellow gown that Tiana had on at the end of The Princess and the Frog? Have a picture in your head about what Disney princess you’d like to channel on your wedding day and try to search for a dress that fits the description. You may not be able to find what you need at a traditional bridal gown store, so be sure to search in the evening gown section of your favorite department store or search for nontraditional bridal gowns online.

Not necessarily a fan of walking down the aisle in anything but a white gown? You could still put a little Disney princess glamour into your look. Try donning the ultimate princess accessory: a tiara.

Order a Cake Fit for a Queen

If you’re not comfortable going full-on Disney with your dress or in the decorations, you could always be super creative with the cake. Talk to your baker well in advance about what kind of Disney-themed options they may already have, and discuss ways that you could create a one-of-a-kind Disney fondant masterpiece.

Some ideas for Disney-fying the cake might be incorporating the classic mouse ears, placing a Disney castle on top instead of the traditional couple, or even adding in balloons as an homage to the movie Up.

Make Your Send-off Worthy of a Disney Princess

If Disney princesses can get their perfect prince at the end of the movie, then why can’t you go out in style at the end of your wedding? Make your exit truly magical by doing something over-the-top like ordering a horse and carriage (à la Cinderella), or have your guests throw sparkly “pixie dust” that Tinkerbell herself would approve of.

And don’t forget to kiss your new spouse before the credits roll!

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