Are Holiday Weekend Weddings a Yes or No?

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When you are searching for the perfect date for your wedding, a holiday weekend might catch your eye. A three-day weekend can eliminate some scheduling issues and provide the best window for your friends and family to travel to watch you take your vows. But with holiday schedules comes plans to work around and busy venues; there’s a lot to think about before trying to book a large event like a wedding. If you are tentatively planning on hosting your nuptials over a holiday weekend, here are some of the pros and cons to consider.

Cons of a Holiday Weekend Wedding

The Venues May Already be Booked

Holidays (particularly those in the later part of the year) are busy times for venues. From fundraisers to parties to dances, finding an open venue may be tricky. So, if you are dead set on having your wedding during a holiday weekend, be sure to call up your chosen location very early so that you can book way in advance of other holiday plans.

Family Members May Already Have Plans

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The risk that you’ll have to take when you plan a wedding on a holiday weekend is that some of your family members and friends might have other plans already scheduled. Many people will use a holiday weekend as an opportunity for a short vacation or as part of a long vacation that requires them to take less time off. Some friends and family may have certain holiday traditions (such as going to the lake on Memorial Day or the 4th of July) that they may not want to break for a wedding ceremony. However, if your heart is set on a certain date then you’ll have to face the fact that some of your invitees may not be able to attend. All you can do is let everyone know as early as possible.

Travel Could Be More Expensive

Expensive flights during the holidays are something that everyone loves to complain about—and some of your guests may not be too keen on shelling out the extra money to travel for your wedding. Gas prices also tend to inflate during these times, as travel is more common. If anyone has to drive a long distance, it might cost them more than normal.

Booking Wedding Professionals Could Be Difficult

You may have your heart set on using a particular caterer or wedding coordinator, but there may be a chance that they’re not available or will charge extra for their services during peak weekends. Be sure to call and book services with your hairdresser, caterer, bakery, minister, wedding coordinator, etc. well in advance of your wedding date to ensure that they are available and that their services fit within your budget.

Pros of a Holiday Wedding Weekend

A Holiday Weekend Is a Great Setting for a Party

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A wedding is a party—and what better occasion to celebrate than a national holiday? The kids will be out of school, most adults will have the day off, and everyone will have an extra day to travel, relax, and get back home before work or school starts again. A three-day weekend already has the aura of celebration surrounding it, so why not take advantage?

A Holiday Weekend Wedding Is an Excuse to Get Family Together

As we get older and as families grow, it becomes more and more difficult to get together on the holidays. A wedding on a holiday weekend is a built-in reason to get the whole family together (and take group photos!). You can use the ceremony as the main event for several days of family gatherings, parties, and gift exchanges that are likely to make your grandma squeal with joy. This is a great way to reconnect with those you love the most (so long as the wedding itself doesn’t become about the reunion).

Friends and Family Members Won’t Need to Take Vacation Time

Unless your friends or family members work in the service industry, they will most likely have holiday weekends off. This makes travel to and from your wedding more convenient and saves them precious PTO to use for future vacations. With all your guests off work and ready to party, your celebration is sure to be over the top and a memorable experience for everyone.

Holidays Provide the Perfect Wedding Theme

Fourth of July wedding

There’s something really romantic about a holiday wedding. A Fourth of July ceremony lends itself to visions of fireworks and campfires with family and friends all around. A New Year’s Eve wedding can easily be the party of the year with a wedding kiss at midnight, champagne toasts all around, and everything in white or silver. Or what about a whimsical Halloween wedding with everyone in costume and glamorous black sparkly candelabras? The point is that a holiday-themed wedding can be a really fun way to entertain your guests. Plus, there will absolutely be no shortage of themed decor that you can infuse throughout the ceremony and reception.

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