Are You Prepared? A Destination Wedding Checklist

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So you’ve planned your destination wedding—your location is set (and everything that comes with it; hello, pre-made planning packages!), your flight is booked, and you’re ready to go! Before you head out, though, make sure you remember to handle these few things first, or there might turn out to be trouble in paradise!

Keep Track of Your Rings, Your Dress, and Other Miscellaneous Necessities

It may sound obvious not to forget to bring your ring or your dress to your wedding, but preparing for a wedding is crazy, y’all, and as you get closer to the big day it’s easier and easier for things—especially “obvious” things—to fall through the cracks. Make sure that you’re not the only one on top of packing and accounting for those major items; have a trusted friend or bridesmaid on dress and ring duty, too. It can’t hurt to have more than just you making sure your gorgeous gown gets from Point A to Point B!

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In addition to those items, make sure the accessories that go with your outfit like jewelry and, yes, your bridal undergarments make it there in one piece, too! The last thing you want to do right before your wedding is try to find a local store in a place you’re not familiar with that sells underwear that’ll work under your dress for your wedding day!

Have Your Passport/IDs in Hand

Forgetting your passport on the way to your dream day would be total nightmare fuel for anyone. Make sure you have this with you, on your person, before you leave your house to head to the airport. You obviously need to show your ID before you can even check your bags, and you certainly don’t want to miss your flight because you had to drive all the way back to get it, so confirm that it’s with you before you head out the door. Also, consider packing a copy of you and your future spouse’s passports and other identification somewhere in your luggage. Although a copy is not considered official legal documentation, it can be helpful to have one if, heaven forbid, you lose the original while you’re in your destination and you need to obtain new ones while in you’re away.

Learn Basic Foreign Language Phrases (if Your Wedding Is in a Non-English Speaking Country)

Although your destination wedding may be taking place in a resort or location where many people you interact with will likely speak English, it is always a good idea to be ready to speak at least a few key phrases of the native language while you’re in a foreign country. Knowing how to ask for directions or introduce yourself could be very helpful and important and can help you feel less overwhelmed in a new place you’ve never been to before. This will also allow you to more easily communicate with people outside of the wedding planners and facilitators at your venue. Plus, being able to have basic chats with the locals in a new area is always fun!

Call Your Bank Ahead of Time

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Have you ever seen the episode of “The Office” where Jim and Pam get their credit card turned off while they’re on their honeymoon? Don’t let this be you! Make sure to give your bank sufficient notice and information about where you’ll be and when you’ll be there. You don’t want to have to be dealing with any financial issues while you’re supposed to be experiencing the best day of your life!

You may think this step is unnecessary if you’re not going too far from where you live, or if you travel a lot, but this is truly a case of better safe than sorry! Inform your bank of your plans in advance so you won’t have to stress at all about money once you’ve reached your destination!

Communicate With Your Vendors

Although one of the benefits of having a destination wedding is that many of the vendors are provided for you, and are therefore present at the location when you arrive, that may not always be the case. If you hired a photographer or videographer from home, make sure you have a way to communicate with them while you’re at the wedding venue. This may mean making sure your hotel has email access and communicating via email, or setting up your phone for international calls and texts. Whichever way you choose, make sure you’ve established a method of communication with your vendors ahead ahead of time! You don’t want them to be stuck at an international airport unable to find you or not to have a way to contact them if your wedding day timeline changes last minute. Being over prepared about communication means that you’ll avoid potential stress and trouble on your big day.

Destination weddings are a truly stunning, unique experience for you and your guests, and by remembering to handle these few things before the day comes, you’ll be able to experience it all with way less stress and way more fun!

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