Be a Guest at Your Own Wedding with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

A bride and groom at their Disney Fairy Tale Wedding.

You’ve heard it from brides and grooms before—”Your wedding goes by in the blink of an eye.” And it’s true. A big part of the reason why it passes so quickly is because you’re playing host to a big crowd, which is something that can exhaust just about anyone. While you’re hosting all of your guests, you’re constantly thinking about whether everyone has enough food, whether or not your grandma can get around to the buffet easily, and you’re internally checking off what times your vendors are supposed to arrive at the venue.

Want to avoid the frenzied planning part of your wedding? One of the best ways to slow down time on your wedding day and actually enjoy it is to plan your dream wedding with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings. In fact, the planning is so organized and curated especially for you that you’ll feel like a guest on your own wedding day. Here’s more about what Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings has to offer for couples—besides making them feel like they have a fairy godmother watching over them.

Disney Wedding Planner

A couple at a meeting with a Disney wedding planner.

Every couple who has a Disney wedding is paired with a wedding planner who not only helps them dream up the perfect event, but also manages all the details of the day, ensuring everything runs smoothly (so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff!). The whole idea behind using a wedding planner is so that all of the stress of wedding planning is taken away—and someone else will handle all of the details so that you can fully relax and enjoy your wedding.

Whether you’ve had your dream wedding planned out since you were three or you don’t even know what kind of theme you’d like, working with a Disney wedding planner will help you bring your vision to life—or help you think of one that completely suits your personality. Your Disney wedding planner will work to understand what you want and create an event that captures every detail of your relationship and what you’d like your event to look like.

Disney Wedding Planning Studios

A Disney Fairy Tale Wedding planning studio.

When you choose to book your wedding through Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, you’re invited to meet your Disney wedding planner at one of their dedicated planning studios. The idea behind these studios is that couples are completely immersed in the wedding planning experience—whether they are doing a cake tasting, floral planning session, menu tasting, or touring one of the beautiful Disney venues. Couples are encouraged to participate and enjoy each step of the process. When you’re going it alone without a dedicated planner beside you, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details, but when having a space to plan and a wedding planner as your guide, these details are fun and exciting rather than burdensome or stressful.

Before you head into a wedding planning studio, couples can also use Disney’s online wedding planning tools to experiment with color, create a dream board, or pick out favorite wedding dresses. Your online planning tool can be shared with your Disney wedding planner so they can help you make all of your visions come to life.

One-Stop Shop

A close-up image of a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding planning studio.

Planning your wedding on your own usually means juggling a lot of different vendors and even multiple venues—and navigating all of the little details that come along with that. With Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, everything is a one-stop shop, meaning that you can pick your venue, food, drinks, entertainment, flowers, and everything else wedding-related all in one place.

With a Disney wedding, you’ll never need to worry about paying hidden extra fees or worrying about booking the best caterer in town before someone else does. Your Disney wedding planner will help you make all of the arrangements on your terms—whether you choose to get married at Walt Disney World in Florida; Disneyland in California; at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii, aboard the Disney Cruise Line; or at one of their global destinations around the world. Your Disney wedding planner will help you realize all of the details and take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy the evening.

Not only can you book your dream wedding with Disney, but you can also work with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings to create a custom engagement or plan a dream honeymoon experience at one of Disney’s beautiful destinations. When you start your “Happily Ever After,” you can expect romantic accommodations, award-winning and decadent food and, of course, a beautiful backdrop. No matter if you dream of walking along the Great Wall of China, looking at the wildlife on the Galapagos Islands, or singing along to “It’s a Small World” at Walt Disney World, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings can make it happen as part of their wedding and honeymoon services.

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