Beautiful Wedding Destinations for Summer

A bride and groom standing in front of a light house at their summer New England wedding.

Choosing a spot for your wedding is arguably one of the trickiest decisions you’ll make throughout the entirety of the process. If you’re interested in a destination wedding during the summer, there are many different spots that make for the perfect setting for your big day. These don’t have to be far from home to be considered destination, either! Read below to discover some stunning locations that will make your summer wedding dreams become a reality.

New England

There’s nothing quite as picturesque as New England in the summertime. From the Atlantic Ocean gracing the coast to the blooming trees and flowers, there’s no shortage of destinations within New England to plan a beautiful destination wedding. First up, there are the mountains of Vermont. If you’re looking for something with a quaint and small town vibe where guests can connect with nature, go on a hike, and enjoy wildlife, Vermont is the perfect choice.

Massachusetts is the perfect place, on the other hand, to have a quintessential New England beach wedding. Visit the beaches of Cape Cod or Nantucket for something refined and nautical, all with the beautiful backdrop of the beach and ocean.

If you’d prefer a wedding in something resembling a castle, a barn wedding, or a wedding in a smaller wine vineyard, opt for the beautiful state of Connecticut. This state is small, but has a lot to offer as far as wedding locations go, all of them providing classy and gorgeous settings that guests will adore.


An aerial view of an Italian city in the summer next to the ocean.

There’s nothing quite as romantic as the winding streets and stunning views in Italy. The country itself offers so much diversity, from the beaches of the Amalfi Coast and the rolling hills of Tuscany to the gondolas weaving through Venice, brides and grooms will have their pick of spots for a destination wedding. The summer in Italy presents the perfect time to host an event there, particularly in the first couple months of summer. August may not be the best time your event here, as many restaurants and businesses tend to close at that time for vacation. At the beginning of the summer, though, the weather is nice and the locations are nothing short of perfect.


Although this location is widely regarded for its winter wonderland tendencies, that doesn’t mean it’s not a fabulous location to host a destination wedding in during the summer. Towns like Aspen are lush and beautiful during the summer months, presenting mild temperatures and a beautiful backdrop with the breathtaking mountains behind you as the sun shines. This is a great setting to provide your guests with entertainment, too. From hiking and dining to shopping, there’s a lot to do in this part of the country during the summer that’s not to be missed!


A bride and groom standing on a Michigan lake at their summer wedding.

There are many lake towns in Michigan that present beautiful options for a summer destination wedding. These areas typically boast the perfect weather—not too hot while still being warm enough to host festivities outside. Allow your guests to get to know the beautiful midwest by treating them to a gorgeous, lakeside wedding in Michigan. (They don’t call them the great lakes for nothing, by the way!) These lakes are large, sparkling, and quite breathtaking.


Bermuda is a tropical location that’s easy to get to from the continental U.S. Although it’s Caribbean, it doesn’t have a long window of warm weather because of its more northern location. During the summer, this location’s temperatures range from the high 70s to low 80s, making it the perfect climate for your big day. This area is absolutely stunning. There are beaches with pink sand, beautiful water backdrops, and lush vegetation, making it the perfect spot for a destination wedding.

New York City

A casual bride and groom at the summer wedding in New York City.

Cities also make for great wedding spots, and New York is one of the finest. This famous city really shines during the summer, allowing visitors to walk around and get to know the many neighborhoods of the city. Guests can catch a Broadway show, enjoy bagels and pizza, and take a stroll along the Hudson River when they’re in town. New York features many awesome venues to take advantage of during the summer, including rooftop locations that allow you to capitalize on the weather.

Niagara Falls

A aerial view of Niagra Falls as a summer wedding destination.

A landmark that many of us know and some of us has visited, Niagara Falls is known as a beautiful place that allows visitors to marvel at nature. In the summer, you can enjoy this wonder as the perfect backdrop for your destination wedding. If you are looking for something in the area without being so close to the “touristy” part of Niagara Falls, check out Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario for a quaint, small town feel that guests will love for your wedding.

These spots all make for the perfect place to take advantage of the warm weather and host a wedding that you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy.

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