Benefits of a Brunch Reception

Tables set up for a brunch wedding reception outside

Looking for an exciting way to celebrate your union without the hassle of planning and orchestrating a large evening soiree? Brunch receptions are becoming more and more popular among couples seeking an intimate and unique way to affirm their love for one another. There are actually a number of great reasons you may want to consider an early morning or afternoon celebration. Here are a few key benefits of a brunch reception you should know about before finalizing your plans!

Flexible Scheduling

Once you’ve set your ideal wedding date, it can be extremely frustrating to find that your favorite (or all of your favorite) venues are already booked. In some cases, couples are forced to settle for alternative dates due to conflicts. Scheduling a morning wedding and brunch reception, however, can make for easier scheduling options. Because late afternoon and evening ceremonies are most common, your ideal venue may be able to squeeze you in even if they are already booked.


Weddings are expensive, or at least they can be. There are ways to cut costs and one of them happens to be planning a brunch reception. Some venues may charge less to host a morning ceremony, as they can still utilize evening hours for another couple. You’ll also find that brunch food items tend to be less expensive. Furthermore, most guests will not plan on drinking heavily during a brunch reception. It’s easy and inexpensive to serve drinks like mimosas, which everyone will enjoy but won’t break your budget.

Bride sitting on railing of balcony

Beautiful Photographs

Another important element you should consider is your wedding day photography. Generally, late afternoon or evening ceremonies and receptions result in low-light situations. This is especially true if you’re planning to exchange vows or celebrate with friends and family outside. Opting for a brunch reception guarantees optimal lighting for photography of you and your wedding party. It’s worth taking advantage of the many benefits natural light has to offer. Additionally, you can speak with your professional photographer about scheduling a sunrise photo shoot for you and your spouse-to-be. The resulting photos will be both beautiful and unique.

Less Anxiety

One of the biggest and infrequently mentioned problems with an evening wedding ceremony and reception is the anxiety. Many brides and grooms can become stressed as the day progresses, worrying over details and possible problems that could arise. Scheduling a brunch wedding and reception, however, means that you and your partner need only get up, get ready, and exchange your vows – then you’ve got the rest of the day to celebrate with friends and family!


Some couples like the idea of a huge and elaborate wedding and reception. Others, however, prefer something simple or even casual. Morning weddings and brunch receptions can cater to either of these preferences. Your celebration can be as formal or informal as you like. You can also plan to invite any number of guests, as long as the venue you choose can host them. Brunch receptions are extremely versatile, so you’re sure to have no trouble planning the perfect morning and afternoon.

Simple Decorating

Similarly, opting for a brunch wedding and reception allows for easier decorating. If you’d prefer a simple ceremony, the decorations for your morning and afternoon celebration don’t have to be extensive. In fact, brunch receptions are perfect for completely casual gatherings. If this works for you, it’ll also mean saving additional money, which is always a win!

A game of croquet setup on the lawn

Fun Morning/Afternoon Activities

Are you disinterested in typical wedding activities? Do you hate the idea of a DJ and dancing? Brunch receptions are perfect if you’re interested in alternative entertainment. This is particularly true if your event, or even a portion of your event, takes place outside. You can, for example, offer cornhole, horseshoes, croquet, frisbee, or other fun morning and afternoon games for guests to enjoy.

Delicious Food Everyone Will Love

Who doesn’t love brunch food? You’re sure to find menu items that will satisfy you and all of your guests, as there are nearly unlimited options that fit under the “brunch” category. You’ll also have no trouble at all working with your caterer to come up with options that will work for every diet. It’s easy to pull from both breakfast and lunch menu items to offer guests more variety than they will usually see at weddings.

Timely Honeymoon Travel Opportunities

This isn’t something many couples think about, but they should. Are you planning to leave for your honeymoon right after you’ve been married? Many couples like to do this, but fail to consider the fact that there are far more flights available during the late afternoon and early evening hours. Planning a morning ceremony and brunch reception means that you will have no trouble leaving immediately afterward to begin your honeymoon. Instead of spending your first night as a married couple in a local hotel room, get started with your life together at the destination of your choosing!

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