Benefits of a Wedding Weekend

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When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we spent a significant amount of time debating which venue would be best suited for our ceremony and reception. Many couples struggle to determine the best location for their big celebration, especially since many venues don’t have space for both the wedding ceremony and reception. For us, it was absolutely imperative that we find somewhere that could accommodate both portions of our union, but we finally found the perfect solution: a venue that offered a full weekend rental package option.

This is more common that you may realize, especially with smaller bed and breakfast type venues. It’s often relatively simple to request use of the whole facility for the entirety of your wedding weekend. Here are a number of great benefits associated with making this kind of reservation.

More Time to Spend with Close Friends and Family

Weddings are exceptionally hectic. On your big day, you and your future spouse will be pulled in a thousand directions at once. While it’s obviously amazing to have all of your closest friends and family gathered in one place, it means all of your closest friends and family will be vying for your attention. It’s nearly impossible to interact with everyone as much as you’d like, especially considering some of your guests may travel large distances or haven’t seen you in a long time. Planning a full weekend wedding, however, means that you will have significantly more quality time to spend with many of the people you’re closest with – namely your wedding party. You’ll have days to interact with them instead of mere hours, which means you can focus your attention on other guests and as needed during your reception instead.

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Potentially Discounted Venue Fees

Booking two separate locations for your wedding ceremony and reception can be significantly more expensive. Many wedding venues will offer discounted rates, or package deals, when their facilities are utilized for multiple events throughout the entire weekend. Make sure you discuss this thoroughly with each of your potential venues. Even if the option isn’t advertised, it’s a good idea to inquire as to whether it may be possible. You may be surprised by just how much you can save.

Cheaper Accommodations for the Wedding Party

Similarly, another great benefit of a wedding weekend is the opportunity to provide cheaper accommodations for your wedding party. A certain number of rooms may be included or, if you’re reserving the entire facility for the weekend, you can utilize the space as you see fit. This was the case for my husband and I; when we reserved the entire space, we were able to offer a free place for all of our wedding party to stay throughout the weekend.

Opportunity for Party Bonding

Generally, party members come from a various times and places in life; it’s not uncommon for most of them to have never met one another before. This can make for somewhat awkward interactions and photos. When done right, though, wedding weekends can provide the opportunity for some bonding (and reconnecting) prior to the ceremony and reception. In fact, when planned efficiently, wedding weekends can feel a lot like an adult summer camp, full of exciting socializing, great food, fun, and games!

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Convenience of a Single Location

There’s nothing more convenient than being able to remain at a single location throughout your wedding weekend. Removing the need to travel between multiple venues not only saves times, but it allows for some much needed relaxation between scheduled events. You’ll be so thankful for the downtime at the end of your big day and so will your wedding party. It also becomes significantly less likely that you will lose or forget important items. There’s nothing worse than realizing you left the rings back at the hotel ten minutes before the ceremony is supposed to begin. If everything and everyone is in one location, you won’t need to fret about missing belongings or important wedding features.

More Privacy

While this may vary, many venues that offer full weekend wedding packages will give you complete access of their facilities for the duration of your contract. This means you and your wedding party will have the freedom to move about as needed without fear of interruption or bothering other guests. This is particularly beneficial if you expect things to become a little rowdy.

Safer for Receptions with Alcoholic Beverages

Speaking of rowdy – are you planning to offer alcoholic beverages to guests during your wedding reception? Many couples opt to provide an open or cash bar, but there’s usually little that can be done in terms of accommodating individuals who partake in the festivities a little too much. Having the venue booked for the entire weekend, however, allows you the opportunity to offer guests a safe place to stay after the party is over. You and your soon-to-be spouse can rest easy knowing that everyone you care about is safe after a full day and evening of celebrating your union.

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