Best Flowers to Work With for Your DIY Wedding

DIY flower arrangement

Flower arrangements may be the easiest way to make any venue look beautiful, but hiring a florist to make all of them can eat up your budget quickly. When you want fresh flower arrangements on a tight wedding budget, DIYing them might be the best option. However, unless you happen to have a friend or family member who is skilled at making flower arrangements willing to help you, you may find that creating the really intricate bouquets or table arrangements that you often see on Pinterest can be quite tricky.

When arranging the flowers yourself, it’s important to know what flowers are easiest and cheapest to work with so that you don’t call a florist in a last-minute (and expensive) panic. Here is a list of the best flowers to use if you’re considering DIYing the arrangements.


Multicolored hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a relatively inexpensive and quite durable flower that will look beautiful in almost every arrangement. Depending on where you live, you find them at grocery stores like Trader Joe’s year-round, which makes it easy to pick them up a night or two before the ceremony. Hydrangeas are typically seen in white or a light purple, but you can also find them in pinkish hues as well. The best thing about using hydrangeas for a DIY table arrangement or even a bouquet is that you don’t have to add any other flowers to the mix for them to look full. They are fairly large flowers and it should only take two or three to fill a medium-sized vase.


Honestly, who doesn’t love daisies? They’re inexpensive, they’re pretty, and they are perfect for a spring or summer wedding. You could go with the classic white and yellow varieties, or choose a shade of a gerbera daisy to go with a particular color scheme that you want. For a romantic look, grab some pink gerbera daisies and mix them in with pink roses for your bridal bouquet. To create a whimsical, natural look for the tables you could mix white and yellow daisies with some wild flowers and Billy balls.


The chrysanthemum might be hard to spell, but they’re certainly not hard to find at your local flower shop or grocery store. An all-white chrysanthemum bridal bouquet looks stunning while you walk down the aisle, and is fairly easy to put together. Mix different shades of chrysanthemums to place in vases on the tables to create a vibrant and colorful atmosphere. Though chrysanthemums are full enough to stand on their own, they can also look lovely with daisies and roses in the mix.



Succulents (and other drought-resistant plants) are having a moment. You can find them just about everywhere—hanging from the ceiling and replacing grass in the front yard—and they just so happen to be stunningly gorgeous. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and require much less water than other plants like flowers.

Though creating a bridal or bridesmaid bouquet out of succulents may be a little challenging (you may want to defer to the experts on that), you should consider using succulents for decorating your tables. You can buy them already potted in beautiful arrangements at garden shops or home décor stores, which would make for beautiful and sustainable decorations. Plus, once the wedding is over you can take them home and to enjoy your wedding “flowers” every single day.


Though you may not have thought to use sunflowers, they would give a nice rustic and sunny look for a summer or early fall wedding. Big and bold, a sunflower bouquet is sure to make a statement. Bind them together to make a large, full bouquet or add in some Baby’s Breath to go for a more wistful and lush look. If you cut the stems at an angle and keep them fairly hydrated, sunflowers should be one of the easiest flowers to take care of in advance of a wedding, making it a great choice for DIY arrangements.


If you don’t have a green thumb, or you aren’t interested in messing with fresh flowers, a great alternative to a fresh bouquet would be to create a brooch bouquet. Request that your bridal shower guests come with a brooch as part of your gift to help you make your sparkly arrangement (you will need about 30 or so brooches to make a full bouquet). Though this is certainly not a traditional bridal bouquet, it’s an eco-friendly and charming piece to walk down the aisle with. It is an especially good way to add a little bit of glamour to a simple wedding dress, too.

The best reason of all to make a brooch bouquet is that you’ll have a wedding keepsake forever, without the hassle of drying your flowers. Pass it down to your future daughter (or a beloved niece or goddaughter) for them to use at their wedding.

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