Best Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas

Cute wedding favor boxes on a table

When you’re planning your wedding and reception, it’s important to remember to say “thank you” to all your friends and family for taking part in your big day. Sending out cards afterward is great, but you should make your guests feel welcome and appreciated the day of as well. Many couples do this by providing at least one wedding favor. However, the problem with favors is that they aren’t always the most practical or useful. As the bride and groom, make it a goal to provide your loved ones with a souvenir from your wedding that they will use and cherish for years to come. Here are several unique ideas for personalized wedding favors you may want to consider.

Dancing Shoes

One great idea for a wedding favor that is extremely functional is a pair of dancing shoes or flip flops. If you plan on your guests breaking it down during your reception, this is a very practical and considerate gift that can be used the evening of, as well as for years to come. While the men in attendance may appreciate the opportunity to get out of their dress shoes, women will be forever grateful for an alternative to their heels. You can easily have these personalized, either with initials or simply by choosing shoes sporting your wedding colors.

Wedding favor of wildflower seeds

Flower Seeds

Another neat option for a wedding favor that many of your guests will enjoy is a pack of flower seeds. This gift is especially meaningful if the seeds are for flowers you used in your ceremony. Seeds growing are also very symbolic of your love and relationship with one another. Once full grown, the flowers will serve as a wonderful reminder of your special day and union. As an added bonus, flower seeds are quite inexpensive, so you won’t be breaking your budget.

Instant Cocoa Mason Jars

Instant cocoa makes a fantastic wedding favor if your ceremony is taking place during the winter. These are also extra personal because you (and possibly your wedding party) can make them yourselves. Mason jars can be purchased in bulk on the cheap and printing personalized labels at home or at a print shop is easy. While guests will only get one, or possibly two, cups of cocoa out of the deal, they can use your labeled mason jar to hold pens, spare change, or other knick knacks in the future.

Homemade Jam, Body Butter, or Hand Scrub

Do you or your soon-to-be-spouse know how to make homemade jam, body butter, or hand scrub? These are all ideal wedding favors. There’s nothing better than a handmade goodie and all of the above mentioned items are both practical and relatively inexpensive to make. Again, you can choose a label that is personal (and potentially witty!) and your guests can find a use for the jar once it’s empty.

Glasses of pink sparking wine

Hangover Kits

Are you planning to have an open bar during your wedding reception? If you know you and your guests like to party hard, it may not be a bad idea to have pre-made hangover kits on hand. For an added personal touch, pack the items into customized bags with your wedding initials or a play on the “in sickness and in health” portion of your vows printed on them. These can include just about anything, but a few items to consider are bottled water, Advil, mints, plastic sunglasses, mouthwash, toothbrushes, and Emergen-C packets.


Similarly, small sacks of coffee (whole bean or ground) can be a great wedding favor, especially if it’s locally roasted. It’s likely your guests will be out late the night of your ceremony and reception, so coffee can be a welcome pick-me-up the morning after. You can also choose a particular blend that the two of you enjoy to share with your loved ones, making the gift even more meaningful. Again, the sacks can be personalized anyway that you would like and, while guests will get limited use out of the favor, very few people dislike coffee. If, however, you know you have some haters in the crowd, consider offering both the coffee and the cocoa mason jars – this will ensure the children in attendance have something yummy to enjoy as well.

Mix CDs

Providing your guests with a mix CD is one of the best personalized wedding favors out there. Whether you decide to include your favorite love songs, music from your ceremony, picks made by your wedding party, or a mix of all three, your guests will absolutely love this unique and meaningful gift. It’s small, easy to transport, perfect for car travel, and will serve as a beautiful reminder of your big day play after play. You can also personalize the label to suit your wedding theme or make an accompanying booklet that includes information about the entire wedding party.

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