Budget Wedding Centerpieces That Look Expensive

Elegant wedding centerpiece with teacups and flowers on top of a mirror

Wedding centerpieces can be made to capture the look and feel you’d prefer by getting creative with various materials. For example, it can capture even a space filled with balloons, as long it you match your décor with flowers, runners, tablecloths, and paper touches such as honeycomb balls. You can go natural or fancy just by adding a few touches. Tassels can be even added to balloons for an elegant touch!

Flowers, Décor Accents, Candles, and Lights

When using flowers, are you choosing based on your favorite flowers or ones chosen around your venue or a theme? If your getting married in a tropical paradise, then you might choose readily available flowers that will brighten any venue. However, if you have a wedding theme, the choice might be ones to match the motifs of the event, such as rustic wildflowers. Custom centerpieces, such as decorative cowboy boots with wildflowers, create a casually stylish ambiance.

Colored water in containers with regular or etched glass, with or without flowers, can combine your wedding colors together in a creative, yet simple, way. If there are large flower containers, you can also put colored glass stones in the bottom to make everything pop! Clear, tall containers can give a table a simple, yet elegant look by adding a single orchid, or small floating flowers around a floating candle. For a polished look, you could vary the height and sizes of your floral centerpieces’ vases. These containers are readily available and very affordable at places like a local dollar store.

Wedding centerpiece with rustic wood accents and a lantern with a candle

By using candles, you can create an atmosphere that looks richer through ambient lighting. Candles are very affordable, and available in many sizes, colors, and shapes. Also, candles combined with the colored water, flowers, and other décor can make centerpieces that give a venue an enchanting look. Try filling clear containers with fruit, short-stemmed flowers, or other items, and add a tall glass in the center with a small candle to lighten the whole arrangement. If your budget allows, consider renting crystal candelabras for your tabletops.

There are battery operated stringed LED lights (fairy string lights) that can completely transform your tables. Look for waterproof, bendable copper wired lights, which are available in an assortment of colors and shapes. These can be placed in the containers on their own for a mgical feel, or combined with some of the ideas above.

A mirror underneath your arrangements can inexpensively change your centerpieces to sparkle enormously. Adding cut glass, with floating candles, white flowers, green ivy, or other materials would look fantastic, sparkling on each table.

If you want to add ribbons to finish the look of your centerpieces, use sticky-dots or other glue-like materials, to hold everything together.

Balloons and Paper

Balloons have a way of filling up a space when you get the right kinds filled with helium. There are many types available made with rubber, latex, or mylar and can be found in a wide variety of colors such as pastels, vibrant, and pearlized. You have so many choices available online and many can be customized into shapes like hearts. One note: mylar is not recyclable, but made of synthetic recycled materials, which can be used for crafts. However, there are metallic latex available in gold or silver, and other balloons are available in various shapes, letters, numbers for tables, and sizes.

Paper decorations, such as honeycomb balls and paper flowers lend themselves as an easy centerpiece. Many paper flower designs are available for free online for you and your wedding party to make at home. You can also easily make tassels, poms poms, or pinwheels at home to brighten up your reception venue.

Wedding reception table setting with a long table runner

Table Runners and Linens

Folded linen or paper napkins can make a bold or luxurious statement and most venues won’t charge more for it. Napkins can hold a flower or other item you wish on your tables in a fun way for guests to interact with.

When a table has a runner, it leaves a great accent that can follow the rest of the décor of your centerpieces. This extra fabric can create luxury without much added cost, as it extends the look of everything you created, such as your décor or bridal colors. Also, you can add an overlay of gauzy fabric to dress up your table, such as organza, from a fabric store. This will really make your centerpiece pop!

Table linens that are long and pooling on floor or pin-tucked creates a more luxurious look for your table and accentuates the centerpieces you’ve worked hard to create. Matching colored or patterned napkins can also give you a more custom-looking designer appeal to cinch it all together. Colors, such as metallic champagne, would look great to match gold, for example. If the venue’s décor or your wedding uses something exotic, such as a Hawaiian theme, your linens can be inspired by tropical flowers, or you can bring those flowers into your own unique choices for your table design.

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