Cake Topper Ideas for LGBT Couples

Gay wedding cake topper

You are the center of attention, but your wedding cake is usually in the center of the room. You’ll make sure it looks good and tastes great, but what about the topper? Do you picture a slapped together piece with a whatever grooms and brides you can find to match? It doesn’t have to be that way. Your personality can be on display with quirky, clever cake toppers that actually say something. Use yours to your advantage and ensure it actually reflects your couple style.


You’re the couple that hasn’t missed an episode of New Girl or maybe the couple that loves to find hidden gems in thrift stores. The point is, you’re unique and you and your guests know it. Showcase your personalities by having a cake topper that is anything but #basic.

quirky cake topper

Actual chess pieces are a quirky and affordable way to represent you and your partner. Especially two King chess pieces for guys. And for the ladies, how about “Double Mrs.”? Have a song that you both love? Have a favorite saying? “It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding” is a great example of making a classic song work for festive decor.


Are you more of a sharp wit than anything else? So much so that everyone now comes to expect it? Don’t let your clever personalities be put on the back burner. Showcase them! You don’t let anything get by you, so don’t let your guests walk by your cake topper without stopping to say, “that’s so them.” Something short and quick like a “Here Comes the Brides” topper is perfect for a couple that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.


initials cake topper

You have probably been thinking about how your name will look with your spouse-to-be’s last name since the day you met. Okay, maybe a few months in. Have a cup, car sticker, or any accessory with a monogram? Then this one is for you. If you monogram everything, don’t leave your cake topper out of the equation. This is a classy, beautiful way to show off your new status as a married couple, and everyone will be sure to spell it out to you about how much they love it.

You can also consider a topper with the first letters of your names! You’re a couple now, so feel free to flaunt it!


You both love to get out on dance floors and dance to anything with a beat when it comes on or you are always down for a night out. You’re the fun couple everyone is excited to hang out with and you never have people bail on your dates last minute. What is Netflix? You don’t like spending a lot of nights in, and you don’t even get why people have made that a thing. Your cake topper should reflect this fun energy you bring to the room, so don’t let it be a dud!

Your reception will be fun, so your cake topper should be too! “Mr. and Mr.” and “Mrs. and Mrs” seem so cute and not too on-the-nose, or try something like “She/He Put a Ring On It” if you are feeling extra bold.

Simple and Cute

Heart cake topper

If you just want something cute and simple, you’re not out of luck! The grooms and brides of old can look cheesy on any couple’s cake, so bakers are starting to offer many neutral alternatives! Heart toppers or vibrant bouquets can keep it classy while still making your guests stop to do a double take.

It’s the 21st century, so there’s no need to be pigeonholed into “making it work” with traditional cake toppers! Don’t compromise; show your personality and your style with something uniquely you.

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