Catering a Winter Wedding

Outdoor winter wedding reception

Winter weddings provide the perfect opportunity to serve comforting seasonal foods in an elegant atmosphere. The cold air brings warm food to the table at most weddings. Winter wedding catering tends to lean towards a formal environment with touches of hot chocolate fun and even crazy creamy soups. Here is your guide to catering the perfect winter wedding.

Seasonal Favorites

Seasonal food is always popular during the winter months. Think of foods you’d have at a fancy holiday party and run with those ideas. It’s hard to think of anything else at the beginning of winter besides pumpkin spice and cinnamon. The end of the winter is usually busting with cranberries and pears in all sorts of menu items. Holiday parties with cranberry and brie appetizers and creamy eggnog leave guests feeling right at home. You can start guests off with a salad filled with glazed fruits, pears, and walnuts along with other seasonal favorites. A touch of bacon adds a savory taste of winter to any salad.

Baked potato topped with cheese and bacon

Potato Bar

The thought of a warm baked potato filled with all your favorite toppings screams cozy and comfy even in a classy wedding environment. Take this thought and turn it up a notch by providing all sorts of fun toppings for your guests. You can even go beyond just the idea of a baked potato bar and offer french fries or tater tots. One wedding trend on the rise is an actual mashed potato bar. Instead of only offering those fun toppings for baked potato lovers, offer those same toppings for mashed potatoes. Guests can fill their mashed potatoes with cheese, sour cream, chives, bacon bits, and anything else that can be stuffed in a potato.

Soup and Salad

Soups are easy to cater, easy to eat, and easy to love. Winter weddings tend to serve the creamy soups that remind you of coming home from a long, cold day and melting into comforting flavors. Lobster and pumpkin soup in a bowl of creamy goodness fill you with love and warmth. Soup can be anything from a clear broth filled with chicken and vegetables to a soup stuffed with meat, potatoes, and veggies. As long as the soup warms your heart and tummy at the same time, it’s perfect. It’s popular to pair soups with a salad. Salad isn’t just a summer themed food. By serving it with matching winter vegetables to your soups, it’s instantly a winter wedding classic.


Pasta is tricky because it’s got the reputation of being a heavy food weighing you down for the rest of the night. This is just a myth because you don’t have to go crazy eating all the pasta at the party. Pasta is perfect for winter weddings because it’s hearty and most people love it. You can add gourmet sauces to make the pasta seem more upscale. Pair your pasta with bread and salad for the perfect plate. A big wedding trend during the cocktail hour is to serve single pasta on a tiny fork. One seafood ravioli with a sprinkle of sauce or spaghetti intertwined around a meatball is great for a winter palate.

Rosemary Prime Rib

Market-Priced Meat

Market-priced food is a top wedding trend right now. Couples are spending a little more money to get a lot more happiness when it comes to the menu. Seafood like fish and lobster top the list during the winter. Winter game foods are a very popular choice as well. Guests can pile their plate high with foods like lobster mac n’ cheese, rosemary prime rib, or chicken marsala. You can pair these market-priced foods with less expensive comfort foods like hearty soups, seasonal vegetables, and mushrooms.


Bread comes in hundreds of different types so just saying “bread” doesn’t do it justice. Of course, this bread needs to be paired with a hearty meal, but topping off your meal with the perfect piece of bread is amazing at a winter wedding. It’s cold outside, but a roll topped with melting honey butter warms your entire body. Yeast rolls are the best accents to the main dish at a winter wedding. You can go wild and serve bread stuffed with pepperoni or cheese. Be careful not to basically serve your guests fancy pizza, but bread can transform into almost anything at the dinner table.

Chocolate Bar

What says winter more than hot chocolate? Of course, at a wedding the chocolate doesn’t have to be boring, you can add some alcohol to turn up the spice. Have a chocolate bar with all kinds of toppings. Set out sprinkles, peppermint sticks, whipped cream, and nuts to top off your hot chocolate. A shot of liqueur, Irish cream or even whiskey makes the hot chocolate even more fun. Serve this hot chocolate in a monogrammed sleeve to keep with the elegant feel of the night.

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