Common Items You Can Get for Free for Your Wedding

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Saving for your wedding can be stressful, and the expenses seem to never stop adding up. From invitations to flowers to the cake, there’s a never-ending stream of details that you need to shell out for. However, many brides and grooms fail to realize that there’s a laundry list of useful items you can actually get for free for your wedding. This could make a huge difference in your budget and will allow you to stretch your dollars to truly make your wedding day the event of your dreams.

Wedding Invitation Templates

A minimal save the date and wedding invitation suite.

One thing that you can easily get for free is a template to create your own wedding invitations. Your stationery suite can quickly become very expensive, so there’s the potential to save quite a bit in this department. A quick online search will yield a wealth of free templates that you can choose from. From there, design your invitations and either print them at home or have them printed somewhere else like FedEx or Costco. The printing will have some cost associated with it, but it will be far less than if you ordered invitations the old fashioned way. There are also a wealth of templates for designing and printing envelopes, return address labels, and guest address labels that you can take advantage of to save further.

Reception Decor

Between flowers, candles, and other miscellaneous items, it costs a lot to decorate your reception. If you frequent estate sales, tag sales, and flea markets leading up to your wedding, you can find a good deal of items that people are looking to get rid of for free or close to it. Look for vases, candle holders, and any other decor pieces that you think would look nice at your wedding. Ask to take them off the seller’s hands. If they’re not willing to part with them for free, you can likely haggle a pretty low price.

Tuxedo or Suit Rentals

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If the groom and his groomsmen are planning on renting their outfits for the big day, there might be a deal to be had during this process. Many of these rental stores, such as National Tuxedo Rentals, run specials. Often when five people in a group rent a tuxedo, the sixth rental is free. This could save the groom from having to pay for his own rental, which can be costly. If you can’t rent with National Tuxedo Rentals, inquire with the company you’re planning to rent with to see if they can offer any kind of freebie or discount.

Ring Sizers

When you purchase wedding bands, you’ll have to know the ring sizes of yourself and your fiancé. Many jewelers will send you ring sizers for free so that you can measure both fingers before placing your order. Simply call them and inquire. Most likely, they’ll send you a sizer to keep!

Wedding Printables

Two wood chairs with signs on the back saying

Your wedding day requires signage and some day-of stationery. Again, all of this can add up quickly. Rather than pay to have these designed and printed, look online for free printable templates. Much like with designing your own invitations, there are so many templates out there that you can get completely free. Look for wedding program templates, signature cocktail signs, and free menu templates. Then, design and print these items yourself. This will result in quite a bit of savings!

Photo Booth Props

Why shell out for those funny photo booth props when you can make them yourself for virtually free? This is another template you can find online for free with a quick search. A little DIY never hurt anyone, especially when it will help you save some cash for your big day.

Wedding Flowers

A bride holding a hand-picked bouquet of sunflowers and greenery.

Wedding flowers can be a huge expense, so if you can slash costs here, you’ll definitely want to seize the opportunity. There are a few methods of getting your flowers for free. First, check with your church or ceremony venue to see if they will already have flowers there that you can use as your ceremony decor. Another option is to pick your own flowers from gardens of friends and family and assemble them into bouquets on your own.

Planning Guides

Even though it may not alleviate much spending for the actual items you’ll use the day of the wedding, there are so many free wedding planning resources out there. From downloadable guides to free apps, the list is almost endless of items to help you plan your big day. All of this cost-free help could help you reduce the need for a wedding planner, which does present some significant savings.

Planning a wedding is costly, and while these small freebies don’t seem like a huge savings, every penny counts!

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