Couple Takes Over Canceled Wedding and Gets Married Two Days Later

A groom and bride dancing on a balcony with their wedding guests below.

Images via BuzzFeed / Autumn Hollifield Photography

Imagine planning your dream wedding in a few days. Take all the stress and excitement that comes with a wedding and then stuff it into a few days, only to still end up with the perfect celebration. It actually happened to a couple who took the chance of a lifetime.

North Carolina couple Nicole and Wesley Bodenheimer were getting ready to tie the knot in November. They’ve been together seven years so the waiting didn’t seem too much of a hassle. They saw a Facebook post, however, that changed everything. The Bella Collina mansion in Stokesdale, North Carolina, stated in their post, “Our loss your gain.” It went on to say the couple getting married at the venue that Saturday canceled and needed a “substitute.” The all-inclusive wedding plans totaling $15,000 were paid, and they were actually selling their spot for only $7,000. This meant a wedding was up for grabs that really cost $15,000, but was going for much less. It might sound crazy to “sell” a wedding…or is it genius?

Make a Way or Make an Excuse

A bride and groom walking next to a lake.

Nicole and Wesley knew it was their dream wedding venue, but getting things done in a matter of days would be insane. All of the vendors were ready to roll, but there’s guests, attire, and travel plans to consider. There is a saying that you either make a way or you make an excuse, and this couple decided to make a way. Nicole said Wesley pushed her to actually go for it. An extraordinary mansion where they could feel like royalty on a small budget? It seems impossible, but they pushed forward. Wesley messaged the owner and they were able to meet with him the next morning to put everything in place. They now had less than a week to make the magic happen.

…Now What?

Timelines for weddings are usually set up in months, with the stress always at the back of most couple’s minds. Getting married within a week at a lavish wedding is usually right out of a movie, but Wesley and Nicole didn’t care. First off, they attacked the guest list. They called each guest on the list to personally invite them to this new wedding. They said most of their loved ones lived nearby and were actually able to switch any plans and be there for the event. The furthest guest actually only drive a little over four hours to be there. Next up: the dress. Dresses usually take weeks and even months to reach perfection. Brides visit multiple locations and try on a few hundred before they choose their favorite. For Nicole, fate worked in her favor. She found her ball gown dress at a local bridal shop. Of course, it wasn’t the perfect size, but the bridal shop came through for her. In fact, it came down to the wire. She went from trying on her dress the final time to heading to the rehearsal dinner.

How the Vendors Complied

A bride and groom saying their vows.

The next challenge sat with the vendors. Some couples interview multiple vendors and do extensive research before choosing each one. This couple didn’t have this luxury, so all hope was just thrown into gambling that these vendors fit Wesley and Nicole’s style. They were relieved the vendors stepped up to help them through any last-minute plans. Photographer Autumn Hollifield said the couple trusted her style and made the wedding more about coming together with loved ones instead of a crazy show.

Wesley and Nicole, along with the Bella Collina mansion and the vendors, are now internet sensations. The couple proves you can get a dream wedding together in just a few days if some of the details are already planned. They took the bull by the horns and showed other couples weddings might not be exactly what you pictured, but turn out even better. The venue and vendors showed they can work together with couples to make dreams come true no matter the circumstances.

The Original Wedding Plans

A bride and groom kissing with their bridal party behind them.

But what about Wesley and Nicole’s original November wedding plans? The couple decided to pay it forward. Since the Barn at Royal Gait in Trinity, North Carolina, along with a photographer and coordinator, is already booked, the couple actually put their venue date up for “sale” in hopes another lucky couple gets their dream wedding on a better budget. Hopefully this time, the lucky couple will get more than three days to plan the wedding.

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