Creating a Rain Plan for Your Spring Wedding

A newlywed couple stand under an open umbrella after their spring wedding.

Are you worried about rain on your wedding day?If you’ve longed for the perfect spring wedding with the birds chirping and sun shining as you exchange your vows with your beloved, an outdoor wedding is the obvious way to go, but what if the sun isn’t shining and it looks like rain—then what? This is the question you need to ask yourself. At the very least, preparing for the worst case scenario with rain will put your mind at ease.

Here are some of the best ways to make a good rain plan for your wedding.

Outdoor wedding ceremony rained out

Find an Alternative Space

If you’re going to move your entire wedding party in the event of rain to an alternative location, here are some of the issues your should consider. For example, when the whole party relocates—where will they go? Do you know? Make sure you have a detailed plan of which alternative location options you will use. You need to have a plan for exactly where you’re going to have your ceremony in case of rain and the event staff needs to be aware of your plan too. It can seem like a waste of money to hold a space when you probably won’t use it, but your peace of mind will be worth it.

Have a Tent as a Backup

Of course, you can always rent a tent. A lot of couples choose this option for their outdoor weddings. They don’t put up the tent initially, but rather they wait to see if there’s a chance of rain and then prop the tent up for the ceremony as needed. Although not as solid of a plan as having an alternative space, tents can do well in a pinch. Some couples dread having to use a tent at all, especially if the tents themselves aren’t very attractive. To remedy this issue, have decorations for the tent ready to use, such as fairy lights or garlands prepared that can be quickly installed. This will make your tent feel more like a wedding tent and less like a camping tent.

A tent can be less reliable. (I have seen some terrible wedding tent disasters.) The tent could end up being too small for all the guests to fit under, or part of the tent could buckle under the weight of pooling rain water. If you’re going to rent a tent, make sure the company is highly rated and the tent will be sturdy. Choosing to use a quality tent should allay any worries about potential wedding tent snafus.

Tent set up by a lake for an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception

Mental Preparation and Planning

Having a rain plan isn’t just about the plan itself, it’s also about your mindset following the rain plan. If you’re going to have an outdoor spring wedding, you need to be prepared for inclement weather at the last minute. If this sounds like too much pressure, in addition to all the other wedding considerations, plan on doing your wedding indoors. The worst thing that can happen is to look back on your wedding day with regret because you had to go with Plan B when you really wanted Plan A.

Make the Plans Equally Appealing

The best way to avoid rain plan regret is to make Plan B just as fantastic as Plan A! Try to find little ways to improve the second option. For instance, there are activities you can do at an indoor wedding that you can’t do outside. Find these unique details and add them to your plan until you love both options equally.

Another easy way to ensure you truly like your rain plan is to set your location in a beautiful setting. Finding the right Plan B location is essential. If you’re going to use a tent, find a tent you feel good about using. With all this work going into making sure you love Plan B, you may feel as if you’re really planning two weddings, but the time spent will all be worth it in the end if the weather decides to be uncooperative.

Have Key People Ready on Your Team

One of the worst parts about having to enact a rain plan is actual following through with the plan. What usually happens when it rains is wedding chaos. Ceremonies get postponed, while guests sit in the cold and damp outdoors. An easy way to avoid this scenario is to have people on your rain plan team ready to go. This team could include people like your wedding planner or coordinator, your closest friends and family, and your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You can choose who is on your team, but make certain that they are people you can trust to help you move everything along smoothly if you need to go with your alternative plan.

Couple kisses after their wedding ceremony

Making the Decision to Use the Rain Plan

Part of creating a rain plan is actually deciding under which circumstances to follow the rain plan. It helps to know ahead of time what the weather scenario might be to cause you to use the rain plan. Are you going to wait until the last minute to see if things clear up? Are you going to switch to the rain plan hours ahead of time at the sight of a single rain cloud? This also depends on how keen you are to have the ceremony outdoors. If you’re going to wait until the very last moment, just make sure your rain plan is standing by.

Some couples consider rain a terrible disaster when it comes to their wedding day, but a great rain plan doesn’t have to be a compromise. The more work and thought goes into the rain plan, the more you’ll get out of it. This is why a good rain plan is so essential for a spring wedding because chances are if you live in a rainy place it’s going to be an issue.

It’s never wrong to hope for sunshine on your big day. By having a good rain plan just in case it rains, you will have the shiniest day of all, rain or no rain. Be prepared for Mother Nature. You’ve got a plan in case it rains.

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