Decorating With Succulents

Succulents as wedding decor

Succulents! They are very hot right now and for good reason. For one, they’re adorable, but they’re also versatile and not very fussy plants (halleluiah). Nowadays everyone wants to do something different and some brides are opting for succulents instead of flowers. If you’re considering this too, but aren’t sure you can get the same versatility out of succulents, think again. There are tons of different types out there (start looking on Pinterest and the wide web and you’ll immediately see what I mean). Some of these little plants are super fun, with crazy colors and shapes leading to so many possibilities. But how does one pull off succulent décor? Grab your watering can and trowel and we’ll dive right into it.

What Are Succulents?

Let’s start with the basics. Succulents are plants that retain water, which what causes them to have that thick-leaved look. They are notoriously hearty plants with cool looking spikes and other neat traits like vibrant colors. In the spring, succulents like lots of sun and lots of water to quench their thirst. In the winter, they prefer a nice window full of sunlight and only need to be watered about once every month depending on the variety.

Getting Your Succulents

Succulent types

So you know how to keep them alive, and you want to use succulents in your wedding, but you don’t know the best way to go about that. There are a few different options on how to go about including succulents in your wedding day look.

Since succulents are easy to care for, you may choose to grow your own! Never underestimate the benefits of getting a head start. Plan early and begin growing your plants so they can fill out like crazy. Starting early and nurturing them at your own place for a while before the ceremony can reduce your decor costs and bring a nice personal touch. However, this may only be feasible if you have the room to keep a bunch of succulents around your home.

Using fake succulents works too! You can still do a lot of the decorating ideas with them and then utilize the real ones for favors or things like that. That way you don’t have as much responsibility for growing and taking care of them. This route is perfect for those who don’t have green thumbs and don’t know anyone who could help.

Sometimes the pros are the best option for getting the right touch, so ask a floral shop to do succulents for you. Poke around and see if any of your local florists offer these plants as part of their catalog. The only concern with this route is it could become pricey pretty quickly, especially if you’re asking them to do special things with the succulents. However, it would be way easier than doing it yourself.

How to Decorate

Decorate by using large pots and small touches throughout. You don’t have to go too crazy; you can always get big pots and containers from any garden store and just have these large pots overflowing with succulents. From there you can add the little touches in other parts of the décor. This method strikes the balance between having to care for a bunch of succulents and using fake ones. By just using specific pots you cut out a lot of the worry of planting in the ground or figuring out how and where to place the plants. Succulent pots look really cool and don’t take much effort. They can look especially nice if you decorate the pots themselves. Paint them neat colors or even get a stencil to paint fancy designs on them. Or, you could cover them with burlap for a rustic look or tie a ribbon on for a more sophisticated feel.

Tips and Tricks

Succulent mixed bouquet

Add extra touches to get a look that’s truly unique. You can dye your succulents with food coloring or sprinkle glitter over them. These embellishments won’t hurt the plant, but will look pretty darn cool. Don’t forget about the accessories you can place around them too. Think fairy garden, but with wedding accessories.

Get assistance either from the venue or your planner or family and friends during the preparation and ceremony—another pair of eyes to help you keep watch on the plants. This takes the pressure off, especially if you don’t have that green thumb I mentioned before.

Compliment your succulents with other plants, especially if they aren’t filling out like you want.. Succulents look great alongside other types of flora. Go for ones that have impressive flowers like a begonia or a marigold to fill in and add flare.

Know your type! Picking a variety of succulent is important. You can find some here and there at your local greenhouse or garden store, but you’re bound to find greater array of succulent types online. Just make sure you buy from reputable sources. Try to find a site that looks like it’s dedicated to purely garden-type sales or, even better, one that focuses just on succulents. This way you’ll know they know what they’re doing.

Don’t forget about color. Pick succulents that have coloring to match your theme or add embellishments in your range. This will tie those plants in nicely with the rest of the wedding feel.

There are so many ways you can play with succulents as a decorating element. With the sheer variety of the plants themselves, you could do things like ombré by arranging similarly colored succulents in a row. Then, there’s the different placement of all these different types. Where do you put them and how do you make a cohesive look? You’ll want to keep your theme in mind and work from there.

These amazing plants can be a great part of almost any theme. What creative ways will you DIY succulents in your wedding?

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