Dessert Trends for Weddings 2018

Stacks of donuts for a wedding reception

Let them eat cake… or something else. Wedding cake will never go out of style, but it’s not a couple’s only option when it comes to an amazing wedding dessert. These tasty dessert trends might have you going for something else other than the traditional white wedding cake.

Bite-Sized Treats

Nothing is better than a bite-size treat served right to your table instead of standing in line for a piece of wedding cake. Smaller treats allow guests to stay on the dance floor longer, only taking a short break to bite into their snack and get their groove on. You can prepare different type of snacks as well so guests aren’t stuck with just one option. Popular choices include things like mini cheesecakes, tartlets, cupcakes and brownies. You can basically turn any dessert into a tiny portion. It’s different, exciting and no one ever has to leave the dance floor.

An assortment of blue and white candies

Candy Buffet

A candy buffet gives guests the opportunity to fill their bags with all sorts of fun candy. You can fill glass containers with anything from Skittles and M&Ms to Rice Krispie Treats and brownies. Candy buffets or bars are perfect because they create a colorful, nice spread full of tasty treats. Containers are easy to fill and no one has to use their time baking. You can also use a candy buffet as the favor guests take home in their goodie bags.


The popularity of donuts is soaring. Traditional donut shops with old fashioned glazed goodies are opening up everywhere. They’re simple, easy, and fun. Whether frosted, glazed, or cake, a donut is just plain good. You can dress them up with fancy glazes to make them look like treats for royalty at your wedding. Make a donut wall or put them on tiers in stacks for a wonderful look. You can make them the colors of your wedding with frosting and glaze as well. The best thing about donuts is you can have many different options for your guests.

Personalized Desserts

The best way to show a couple’s personality is through personalizing treats. Artists can create painted desserts with the colors of your wedding or art that depicts the couple’s favorite things. A wedding cake can have the best floral arrangements with a personalized wedding topper, but nothing can top individual cakes or treats with artistic touches.

Chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk

Milk & Cookies

Milk and cookies brings back the comfort of coming home from school to ooey gooey goodness. Many times milk and cookies are perfect for rustic weddings, but you can dress them up for the fanciest of weddings as well. A glass of cold milk with a cookie on top is a perfect snack. It doesn’t matter which flavor you choose, you can go with wild mixes or traditional chocolate chip cookies. You can even serve these later in the night for an extra boost of energy.


Another comfort food that brings back happy memories sitting around with family after a big holiday meal is the traditional pie. The best thing about pies is they can be made in so many different flavors. A slice of pie on a tier among other colorful pies is just perfect for any wedding. Pie is easy to serve and even easier to eat. Your grandmothers will thank you for the sweet memories.


The French macaron is full of class and literal taste. The meringue cookie makes any wedding fancy. They come in all sorts of bright colors so you can tie them in with your decorations. In between the two cookies is preserves, buttercream, frosting, or ganache. You can make them as fancy as you want or keep them neutral with a white cookie and white filling. The popularity of these cookies has skyrocketed in the past few years making them the perfect addition for any wedding.

Chocolate cake pops with sprinkles

Cake Pops

Cake pops take a little longer to make and to decorate, but they’re worth it. The bright colors and amazing flavors bring cake pops to the top of the trendy charts. If you have kids at your wedding, they’re the perfect portion, or the best portion for anyone trying to stay away from inhaling a few pieces of wedding cake. You can decorate cake pops in all different colors or even make a pattern with them. They also make a great display for neat photos.

Mini Bundt Cakes

Tiny bundt cakes with frosting dripping down the sides provide a small portion without having to cut into any dessert. A mini bundt cake can dress up a wedding dessert table with fun colors in all different flavors. Guests walk up, take a whole mini cake and walk back to their table with a huge smile. Full of flavor, these are easy to serve and even cooler to eat.

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