DIY Ideas for Every Skill Set

A rustic centerpiece

What makes a great DIY project? Is it the usefulness of the item or the eye-appeal? How about the ease of making whatever it is— because not everyone is a craft master. Some want to DIY for a wedding, but don’t even know where to start. This world can be overwhelming (try searching “wedding DIY” on Pinterest). Don’t fret though; DIY can be done by almost anyone and it doesn’t have to be scary. By following through with ideas that are universally easy, you’re sure to win! I’ve laid out some examples that are very doable, not too overwhelming, and produce awesome results that are sure to add to any wedding.


There are a myriad of different ways to create signs and many different types to make. From table markers to wedding schedules, you’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Luckily these things are the easiest to DIY. You could go the electronic route and design them using graphics program on your computer. You could also go to a store for help. A lot places have little booths set up for exactly this type of thing with pre-made graphics for you to use.

Let’s say you’re not exactly computer savvy. Make the signs by hand! There are a lot of cool ways to make signs without using a computer. You could paint a surface with chalkboard paint and write your sign with chalk. Another option could be an old window or piece of framed glass with text using glass markers. When you go this route you can add precisely what you want.

Hands placing cutout in a scrapbook

Memory Minutia

The opportunities for reminiscing are abundant at weddings. People love to look at old photos of the couple and their families. A great DIY in this case is photo albums or scrapbooks. You can decorate and put these together in any way you want based on your skill level. The great thing about these projects is no matter how simple you go, they will still turn out wonderful. Even if you just add ribbon to the edges of the pictures, it will add a little something and people will appreciate the nostalgia in a pretty package.


These are a big part of any wedding and a big part of your theme if there is one. That makes this a wonderful DIY opportunity. Here are some simple centerpiece ideas to get you started.

A fruit and flower centerpiece is a cute and easy focal point. Perfect for summer weddings, simply slice fruit and insert the pieces inside a glass container so it lines the container all the way around. After you’ve added your fruit you can stick in your bouquet.

There are a lot of things you can do with flowers when it comes to centerpieces. Flowers floating on water are an elegant touch to any table. Just attach a small bit of bubble wrap to the bottom side of the flowers to float any kind of flora. Choose a container that compliments your floral choices or theme. You can also craft an excellent centerpiece simply by selecting a neat container and placing flowers into it. I’ve seen some great ideas like a rustic looking truck for a country wedding, a watering can for a summer wedding, and a pumpkin for fall weddings. All these can be made up with a professionally made bouquet or you can always buy the premade bouquets at the grocery store.

Rustic box for wedding cards

Cute Card Box

This is a nice little idea, decorating and making the card box; you can even make it from a cardboard if you do it right. Take your box and cover it in some way, with spray paint, fabric, glued on flowers, etc. Then, just add embellishments and cut a slit in the top.


It’s nice to send off guests with a little gift, especially one that’s DIY. You can get really creative with these. Focus on personalized favors that people will use like mini hand sanitizers or candles. Create a sticker that has a cute phrase and the date of the wedding and stick it on these products to make them your own.

Another great DIY favor is a food mix. Craft cute little baggies with all the ingredients to make something like a s’mores package or hot cocoa mix. Attach a note with ribbon and you’re done!


You can make great DIYs for drink accoutrements. There are companies that can make really great koozies that you can customize and order online. If you’d like to make your own items, try the balloon mason jar craft. Use a mason jar for the cup and cut a balloon to stretch around the bottom. The balloon material acts as a grip so the glass jars don’t slip off tables.

Another fun DIY is cute drink markers. I don’t mean markers you draw with; I’m talking the kind that helps you distinguish your drink from someone else’s. You can make these easily using materials like wire and beads. Use pliers to bend a small piece of wire into a circle and add different colored beads. There are a lot of different ways to DIY this so don’t skimp on the creative ideas.

String decor with the word love attached

Beautiful Backgrounds

Here’s one that seems super overwhelming, but isn’t. To create an awesome background for photographs, take strong piece of string and an accessory like flowers, candles, or even origami birds. Thread your string through the accessory and tie at each end. Do this multiple times on each more lengths of string. Hang these finished strings in line on an archway.


Here’s a DIY that doesn’t involve crafting at all! You can DIY your music without having to update it throughout the night. There are many apps out there that can take care of it for you. You just make the playlists and hit play. You can also utilize a music app that you have premium with (no commercials) and make your playlists that way. If guests have special requests, they can ask or search for it themselves.

So we’ve looked here and there and DIY opportunities are everywhere. Hopefully this list will help you get started thinking of what DIYs you want to do. Just remember, the amount of possibilities can be overwhelming so just start with what you are good at, what you know, and what you’re willing to do. If you go into the project knowing that it will take minimal skill and look fantastic in the end, you can’t lose!

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