Don’t Be That Couple: Horror Stories to Avoid

Annoyed bride

Most everyone has flipped through the channels on a lazy Saturday afternoon and paused on a reality television show on WE TV called “Bridezillas.” If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the show, it essentially captures a few days in the lives of very demanding and unpleasant brides and the people who have chosen to be in their weddings. These brides are, of course, on the extreme side of the spectrum, but it still shines a light on what kind of behavior people don’t want to deal with at a wedding.

Planning a wedding can be unbelievably stressful, and it’s understandable that every bride or groom can get a little agitated or say cross words to a friend or family member. Weddings magnify emotions, and at the time crying because the venue has only off white chairs and you wanted white chairs seems completely reasonable. However, just because you are stressed, it doesn’t give you a good reason to completely fly off the handle and be absolutely dreadful throughout the whole process.

So if you’re planning a wedding, do your family and friends (and guests) a favor and try to avoid the following behaviors to ensure an easy, drama-free wedding day.

Being Too Picky About What People Wear/How They Do Their Make-up

Bridal hairstyle

Everyone is more or less expected to look nice, get all dressed up, and take some pictures to commemorate your big day. They should try their best to look as nice as possible, but this doesn’t give the bride or groom license to criticize family members or the bridal party on their appearances. You may think your sister would look beautiful in just a little stitch of make-up, but is it really worth the argument to get her to wear some? The same rule applies to your future mother-in-law who just won’t be caught dead in a dress. Why criticize her or shame her into wearing a dress that she won’t be happy in? There are a lot of faux pas for your guests to avoid, of course, but if they happen to commit one, let someone else worry about it. You have bigger fish to fry.

And, although you may think that it’s super crucial right now that the entire bridal party looks uniform with the same hairstyle and exact same make-up, chances are you won’t notice if one girl wears a smoky eyeshadow and another doesn’t wear any at all. Let everyone’s natural beauty and style shine through and you can’t go wrong.

Demanding That Your Bridal Party Spends a Ton of Money

Being part of a wedding can be a serious commitment of funds, but add a really overzealous couple to it and that cost can quickly escalate past what it needs to be. You may have a very specific vision of what you want your wedding to look like, but be conscious of what the overall budget is going to be for your bridal party.

Jumping bridesmaids and groomsmen

For example, if you plan on having a destination wedding that the bridal party are required to pay for (and take off work for), then it might not be fair to also ask them to also purchase or rent really expensive dresses or tuxedos. Try to remember that being in a wedding is a fairly large financial commitment and be reasonable. If your vision clashes with the budgets of your bridal party, then consider paying for some of the costs that a bridesmaid or groomsman might typically cover.

Registering Exclusively for Very Expensive Gifts

Registering for gifts is one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding. Not only is it a blast using that gift scanner, but it’s also fun envisioning your future life with all of your new things.

Of course, you have to register for a few nice things (hey, that’s what grandmas are for, right?), but try to limit it so that not all of the guests coming to your wedding feel pressured to spend tons of money on a gift. Register for a wide range of things at a variety of prices so that your guests who are trying to stick to a budget can pick out a couple of the smaller items.

Drinking Too Much the Day of the Wedding

Bride and groom with champagne

There’s nothing wrong with having a little (much deserved) fun on your wedding day. By all means, cut loose, dance, eat, drink, laugh, and enjoy your day. You only get one wedding day, and it’s important to really soak it all in.

To really soak it all in, it’s probably a good idea not to get too inebriated at your reception. This goes for pre-ceremony drinks as well. Although a couple of pre-ceremony mimosas to cure a case of the jitters aren’t going to hurt anyone, it’s best to limit yourself so that you aren’t slurring your words or forgetting which family member is which.

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