Edible Wedding Centerpieces to Satisfy Every Taste

Fruit carved into intricate designs for a wedding reception centerpiece

Are you looking for a unique centerpiece idea for your upcoming wedding? Picking the right decorative elements for your big day is essential. While flowers are traditional and beautiful, they can be expensive and may not suit your theme or personal preferences. Every bride and groom pair is different; the most important thing is that you both love the final look and feel of your event. If flowers aren’t your jam, consider using one of the following edible centerpiece ideas instead!


Like flowers, fruit can add an amazing pop of color to your tables! You can pick fruits that you both love or that match your wedding colors. While the options are nearly endless for fruit centerpieces, here are a few of the most popular features.

Fruit Baskets

If your wedding theme leans toward rustic, fruit baskets may be the perfect edible centerpiece. You can choose a single fruit or a variety depending on your wedding color scheme.

Strawberry Towers

Love strawberries? Who doesn’t! If you or your soon-to-be-spouse enjoys strawberries, consider making or ordering strawberry towers for centerpieces. These are easy enough to construct using Styrofoam and toothpicks. If you’re a serious strawberry fan, consider dipping them in chocolate too!

Alaborate fruit arrangement for a wedding centerpiece

Fruit Arrangements

Edible fruit arrangements have gained popularity for holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. They can also make a great addition to your wedding decorations. While ordering these can be somewhat expensive, your venue or caterer may be able to offer a discount. If you’re crafty, they’re also not too terribly difficult to make. There are also plenty of tutorials available online.


Is there a food you and your future spouse love? Consider incorporating it as a centerpiece for your wedding. Alternatively, you can provide your guests with more healthy snacks throughout the evening or even side items for dinner. Here are two more edible centerpiece ideas to consider.

Vegetable Trays

If you prefer veggies to fruits, incorporating a vegetable tray or tower is a great alternative edible centerpiece. You also still get the added pop of color! For extra zest, consider providing an assortment of dipping sauces at each table.

A basket of rustic bread

Bread Baskets

Bread is a staple side in almost every meal. If you’re planning to provide your guests with dinner, consider using your bread as an edible centerpiece. There are several multi-tiered basket designs to make the display more unique. You can also speak with your caterer about offering a variety of different breads to add texture to the piece.


What’s a wedding without an amazing array of desserts? Whether you’re ordering a cake or not, providing your guests with additional sweet treats is a great idea. What’s more, it’s easy to order or make desserts to match your wedding theme and colors. Consider these adorable and delicious dessert wedding centerpieces.

Cake Pops

Cake pops have become an insanely popular sweet treat over the past several years. This is because they’re delicious, single-serving sized, and can be custom-made to suit any design need. This makes them perfect for edible wedding centerpieces. You can put them in vases or attach them to Styrofoam of any shape.

Cupcake Stands

Many couples are opting to offer cupcakes instead of cake at their wedding. In many cases, this is a more economical option and saves time on cake cutting. If this seems like something you and your fiancé would like, consider using the cupcakes as edible centerpieces. Cupcake stands too bland? Consider having the cupcakes decorated to look like flowers, attach them to sticks, and put them in vases!

Muffin Bouquets

If you’re planning your wedding ceremony and reception earlier in the day, consider incorporating muffins instead of cupcakes. This is an arguably healthier alternative, but equally as delicious.

Various types of red candies in decorative jars


Edible candle centerpieces are another great option for couples. Again, it’s easy to adjust candy selections to suit your wedding’s color palate. Check out these awesome candy centerpiece ideas!

Candy Bowls

Do you and your spouse-to-be have a favorite candy? Why not share your love for M&Ms, Butterfingers, or Almond Joys with all of your guests? Surprisingly, bowls filled with your favorite individually wrapped treat or a candies that match your color-scheme make very appealing edible centerpieces, especially if the bowls are uniquely shaped.

Candied Apple Trays

Candied apples make a delightful wedding treat. You and your fiancé can easily choose a variation that matches your wedding colors and decorations. These can easily be displayed on tiered trays.

Chocolate Flowers

A benefit of including chocolate in your edible centerpiece designs is that this sweet treat can be molded into almost any shape. In fact, you can even make chocolate flowers on sticks and colored to match your theme. When placed on wooden sticks and then in vases, these make an adorable edible addition to your tables.

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